Maybe this Crash attempt was a warning to Obama and Washington

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by MoscowTD, May 9, 2010.

  1. MoscowTD


    I realize most of you have already considered this.

    Maybe Wall St told Washington We can destroy the market, you better stick to previous arrangement and be in our pocket.
  2. businessstaxes

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    it was after 1987 crash the PPT or plunge protection team deregulation of the financial markets began

    and the 1998 LTCM,,scare.another b.s. 1997 asian crisis.

    the markets don't exist,,it's a virtual reality. no oil, no gold, and even shares even gets's 95% settled in cash and never delivered.

    as for forex,98% is virtual's not even real money.

    the only thing wall street knows how to do steal money from orphans, widowers, pensions, and newbie traders and collect welfare from the gov't and get a handout from the FED

    wall street is den of theives and beggars wearing $10,000 suits and 24k gold watches.

  3. businessstaxes

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    the ban on prop trading is death sentence to goldman sachs since 80% of their profits is from trading their own account.

    these firms are scared of regulation..

    what happened on may 6 2010 is more evidence that regulation is needed now.

    rules and regulations are not being enforced broadly or unenforcebable with current status quo. so there is no regulation right now that is enforced..the market is wild west market. anything goes and if you break the regulations just pay a fine. and business as usual