maybe there needs to be a boycott of et also

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  1. if they take down relevant threads that threaten to expose industry corruption. maybe people should take there time on the internet elsewhere. As an experiment, let's see if this thread survives.
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    That's gay. So are you.
  3. this is an intelligent post. from a super intellect. maybe we can get a separate forum for people with low iq's
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    see, ET already helps you to be more assertive.:p
  5. :)
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    I agree. 100%. YOU should boycott Start now!
  7. I am just trying to say that this site should be moderated in a fair manner.
  8. Not saying anything about the quality of a private site. But this site is privately owned and therefor can make up any policies they want. You could start your own site for about $7 a month and a few minutes of setup time if you really wanted to say anything you want without getting censored.
  9. that was the question I wanted answered to me. Are there any thoughts as to whether there is a collusive element present here. I know don and jeff had or have a personal relationship.
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