Maybe the U.S. is ready for true change

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  1. My proposal is simple, really. We will keep the current 3 branches of government intact, with one change: membership in the House of Representatives will no longer be decided by election. THE PARTICIPANTS WILL BE SELECTED RANDOMLY. No more campaign slogans, impossible promises, begging for donations, short-sighted policies that are designed to appease current voters at the expense of future generations.

    After watching generation upon generation of tired political hacks grapple for votes, lying, cheating, accepting bribes (oh wait thats legal, they're called "campaign contributions"), over-promising and under-delivering (this list could go on), maybe "we the people" are ready for real change we can believe in.

    The two-party system isn't working. "Checks and balances" really boils down to "nothing meaningful gets done", and when one party gets too powerful, ala Republicans during Bush administration, and now the Democrats under Obama, then we all pine for the "nothing meaningful gets done" status quo.

    I know what many of you are thinking, that this random selection process will be the final nail in our coffin, the establishment of true "Idiocracy". I would agree that not everyone is equally suited to serve their country in this way. For this reason, I would suggest that the pool of potential legislators be restricted to individuals who pass a series of exams, covering topics such as history, economics, english, and civics. The exams would be administered at no cost to anyone wishing to take them.

    I would further suggest that each selected delegate be subjected to a background investigation prior to taking office. If the background investigation is not passed, then an alternate (who has already been selected and similarly checked) will be asked to serve.

    The term of service would likely be four years, but I could see shortening the term to two years as an alternative. Each person serving their country would be guaranteed their previous job upon successfully completing their term in office.

    I think this idea could begin to reverse the effects of generations of shortsighted, poor planning in our government. Political donations and lobbying would be strictly prohibited, since there would be no need for these representatives to run expensive campaigns. In theory, this would reduce the undue influence of corporate interests in our democracy (which is one reason why a plan like this will never see the light of day).

    I also believe we would see a resurgence of interest in the political process and civic responsibility by people all over our country, as each of us will truly have an equal opportunity to effect meaningful change for the future of our country.

    Please comment on this proposal. I realize that something as radical and game-changing as this idea has a snowball's chance in Hades of becoming reality. If nothing else, perhaps merely spreading the idea will plant a seed for the future. We the people have not truly been represented in this country for a very long time. Maybe we never have been represented; perhaps the political process has always been a facade to keep the wealthy in control and everyone else pacified.
  2. Sounds like jury duty...
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  4. thanks maxpi, I'm going to check this out!

    Yes, this does sound like jury duty. The difference is, you wouldn't be forced to enter the representative pool. This would be voluntary. Rather than sitting around complaining about your representation, you could be empowered to take the next step to effect change, realizing that the possibility to serve would not be limited by your money or connections.

    The question is, would our representatives in Congress be more or less likely to put the best interest of the country first if there was no pressure to seek re-election?