Maybe the republicans should listen to its constituents

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. They are tired of big government and big spending. If the republicans listen and run on such a platform, this whole Tea Party mess and associated fragmentation would end.

    But unfortunately Republicans as they stand are just Democrats who are fighting for thier own version of big government and big spending.

    So the Dems are fighting for Big Government Big Spending.

    The Republicans as they stand do not want Democrat Big Spending Big Government, but they are Fighting For Republican Big Spending Big Government.

    Republicans want to win, go back to your roots of Small Government and Small Spending and cutting excess fat.

    Otherwise people will just vote Democrats back in.
  2. Tea party candidates are running as Republicans.
  3. As they should. But the old Obama republicans need to go and they're not happy about it.
  4. See, this is the reason why Democrats are in power: Republican in-fighting.

    Obama & the Democrats are in the process of destroying this country, and all Republicans do is bitch about other Republicans. [​IMG]
  5. Because the last 8 years of republicans sure felt like spend and big government.

    At least this new Tea party infiltrating the Republicans seem to be moving towards a more fiscal conservative and small government.

    Sorry but Republicans and Democrats so far have just been two sides of the same coin.
  6. Exactly, no difference whotsoever. Third party is the only solution. Dems and Reps are irreparably corrupted. US voters are irreparably stupid so it will never change. They had a chance to vote in Perrot, instead they got Bush who sold american jobs to Mexico. So as you can see US is fucked due to corruption of politicians and sheer stupidity of majority of the population.