Maybe the First Lady will visit Sanford

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  1. 12 arrested in attack on pregnant woman. During the fight, one of the suspects yelled to the victim that they did not care she was pregnant. No wonder Zimmerman was in fear for his life. Sounds like a hell of a town.

    Deputies also arrested several adults in the brawl: Iareian Jiquel Kennedy, Harry Maurice Roberts, Lasheena Shawndrell Thomas, Antoinette Letitia Ford, Quentin Herring, Javaress Reshod Barnes, Arshala Lee Ford, and Jarvis Jamaal Young.,0,6307604.story
  2. Trying to compare apples and potatoes again, CO?

    Where is the gun violence in all of this?
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    Iareian Jiquel
    Lasheena Shawndrell

    I don't even need to see the photos.
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    I took a peek. You are 100% right. :D
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    I'm there every now and then for a direct flight that's pretty cheap. And yes, I ALWAYS have my Glock in the glovebox while passing through. Zimmerman should be wearing a medal, not sitting on trial.
  6. Just trying to point out that violence is the problem, not guns. Guns are mostly harmless to humans, with the occassional accident as the exception, until they are in the hands of violent people. Address the violence in the community first.
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    Rcg is a lunatic.

    And yes, it's the criminality, not the tools used. I was at the gun range Sunday, and the range officer saw me, and started joking around saying, "oh yes, gotta ban those guns. They're jumping out of safes shooting people."

    Wonder if rcg would care to know that where I live in FL, more people died in swimming pools last year than at the end of a gun?