Maybe some good tech picks for swing traders

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    Based on my research I believe that the following stocks should be good long and short picks for swing traders. First I should say that I believed that this year market would be flat with +/- 2%. I predicted it in a thread at the start of the year. I would appreciate if anyone has comments on my picks or has other good picks.
    My short picks:
    1- TXN: has been up a lot recently and some good news were redundant and became overpriced. I believe we should see 29 and lower in 2 month time frame. It was also downgraded by Goldman sacs today.
    2- XLNX: Good for short term play. Short over 28 and cover at 27. It is a safe bet. Look at the chart and its recent market activities. It is also good to short PUT and Call 27.5 for Oct.

    Long picks:
    1- INTC seems a good pick for a safe long term buy and good for swing traders. Buy at around 24.5 and there is a high possibility that you can sell at 27.50 soon.
    2- ADI: A great company that was in my short list when it was $41 5 weeks ago and now at around $37 seems a good buy with a target of $40-$42 specially that their earning is scheduled in a month
    3- WIND : This stock was also in my short list at around $17 and I recommended it for short in Elite site and many folks disagreed with me as they believed the chart shows stong bullish sign. Now at below $13, I see it a good pick for patient traders for a quick short term recovery at $15.

    Do your own research in trading.
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    From my long recommendations it seems that WIND has started to kick off. In a down day like today, WIND was one of the rare stocks that was up about 1.5%.