Maybe Obama was the only one

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. dumb enough to take the job.

    Imagine taking the job as captain of the Titanic AFTER it hit the iceberg, and you have Mr. Obama.
  2. TGregg


    The Onion had a hilarious bit about "Black Man Gets Worst Job in Country" that included phrases like "the chance of success is so low that only one other person bothered to apply".

    I'm not a supporter of ObamaNation, but there's a certain spin you can put on things like:

    "Well, the country is going to Hell in a handbasket. Nutcases from Iran to North Korea are building nukes. Radical Islam is on the move. We've got a WOT in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the worst economic melt down since the Great Depression. Let's put the black guy in charge."
  3. I see Obama having the most corrupt administration since Warren Harding.

    Between all the Clinton picks and all the dirt he is dragging from Chicago/Illinois rackets.

    Obama is so green and there is tons of money for him to play with. I see those old Clinton pros cleaning up. Going green will means getting rich the Chicago way.
  4. Chicago = Gansters. Obama is the biggest one to come out of Chicago in years. And the nutjob whacko idiots voted for him. How incredibly stupid can you get.
  5. Dude, you are hilarious!!!

    Do you actually believe the stuff that you post, or are you actually "working" for Baron . . . in trying to keep web-activity up on ET?

    Why anyone would be surprised that Obama has made a majority of appointments from the Clinton Administration is absolutely beyond me.

    What is he suppose to do . . . go all the way back to the Jimmy Carter era ( the last Dem in office ) and pick from a crew of people that are 85 years old???

    You just can't seem to turn on your BRAIN, can you?