Maybe it will soon come time to repeal the powers of the EPA

Discussion in 'Economics' started by PlusMinus, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Executive branch is threatening command and control style power over emission regulations if Congress doesn't pass a Cap and Tax suicide pact.

    The EPA is operating beyond the scope of a government agency as was intended by the founders. If Congress is not passing a Cap and Tax, and EPA acts unilaterally, then it's time we demand Congress strip the EPA of some of it's powers. Sure, Zero would never sign it, so it would require a veto override. This just might be one set of laws so devastating that they could come together and pull it off.
  2. If we never had these stupid environmental laws, we would not have had to worry about so many jobs going to China which have no environmental or labor laws period.

  3. And say good bye to those stupid lungs too. Seriously go try to breath in Bejing, or Mexico City and get back to me.

    In the beginning, China had no capital. The money that China needed for foreign exchange to capitalize China was supplied by Wall Street from the pension fund and insurance pool money.
    If Wall Street had not been in charge when the trade deals were negotiated, then we would have labor standards and environmental parity standards in our trade agreements.

    China is suffering too, and all it would take for China to absorb ALL of her own production would be for the Chinese to print enough currency to triple the salary of every chinese worker so that they could buy the goods that they produce.