Maybe it is time the GOP drops Religion/Abortion/Social issues

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  1. And focus on being the fiscal conservative/small government party? Stop trying to police peoples private affairs, leave that up to the states and local government?
  2. Reagan did just that and built the GOP into an empire. Oddly they eschew this legacy today.
  3. are you kidding. that is is all they seem to care about:

    The Republican Party is set to adopt an official platform that calls for “a human life amendment” to the Constitution that would not allow abortion even in cases of rape.

    As Republicans were calling for Todd Akin to quit his senate bid after he told KTVI that women could not get pregnant from “legitimate” rape, CNN obtained draft language of the Republican platform that includes a constitutional abortion ban without any exceptions for rape, incest or life of the mother.
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    While I would support this and it sounds great in theory, it does not translate to practice well. For instance, take the religious aspect. There are less church going Americans than ever, yet the smaller group that does attend have become considerably more fervent. Witness the creationist movement. Used to be that folks would be embarrassed to admit that they believe the Sky Fairy created man out of sand rather than science. But now, it's pretty common to see these folks pestering school boards demanding that their book be taught as science. It is a smaller but purified group that is left.

    Then there's the whole "smaller government" thing. So many people depend on government handouts and employment that is is virtually impossible to get elected saying you will cut government - especially if you run against a slate of folks offering free ice cream to all. We've passed the point of ever being able to shrink government, unless something truly catastrophic happens.