Maybe he's back...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TradingWise, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. How did you find this?...he has zero posts!

    Whats up TradingWise? don't tell me you just happened to see this tiny new member status pop up on ET's forum's page in the upper right corner?

    It's not like you sit there and wait for a new member to pop in...Do you know Coinzy? hey I hope its him, but does he always need an intro from his friends to make the grand entrance?

    Michael B.

  2. I just happened to visit ET again and there it was in the upper right corner :D

    Of course I know coinzy, who doesn't :D
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    lol - if it isnt the coin - hes already got a reputation.

    the poor dude will wonder why hes been banned before he even makes a post!
  4. You flatter me. I wish I was Coinz.

    There's only one Coinz/sKaLpZ.

    What ever happened to him, anyway?

    I just pointed out what everybody knows, that Coinz is the god of forex.

    Is this his blog?

    Yes, I am a currency alchemist. So?

  5. Really? If you are not him, interesting, isn't it, that you managed to see my post above (in Chit-Chat, no less), come up with a characteristically non-monosyllabic reply of your own, and post it (your first post in this thread), all within 180 seconds? Nah, just a coinzidence, I'm sure. Welcome back.
  6. Whatever, dude.

    Take it lightly,

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