maybe a stupid question.

Discussion in 'Forex' started by epic767, Nov 19, 2005.

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    Is it possible to get in where the green line is pointing, and get out where the red line is pointing?

    Or could someone draw a black line, beside, which range, one can approximately expect to be able to buy at, and sell at, if one has set up price targets, or just tell me here.
  2. epic767


    Could someone plz help me and tell me this:

    1.655/1.654 -1 is 0.0006

    When the price trend is sthat steep as shown in the link where the green line is pointing at,

    what percentage range can one expect to get in at? 0.0002 maybe?
  3. What happened on that chart is HISTORY. Take a look at the VERY RIGHT HAND side of your chart (I assume that chart is current as of Fridays close). Does that chart tell you to sell or buy the USD?
  4. epic767


    Thats not the point. I just want to know how accurately you can get in, it the price move is that steep.
  5. I have made a modification to your chart. My entry and exit points to sell the AUD/USD generate bigger profits than your entry and exit points to buy AUD/USD. Easy isn't it?
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  6. epic767


    Thats not what I want. Im wondering if its possible to get in at the exact price of: 0.75555

    Or should one expect this price range 0.75554-0.75556

    I just want to know whether the price is jumping up by 10 pips, or if it increases steadily by 1 pip.