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    Come on now, what do you have against Cryptos? :)
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  2. vanzandt


    Speaking of sports....

    Sometimes the big games are only on ESPN.
    Like tonight you have the Suckeyes vs USC in the Cotton Bowl. Thats a big game.
    So if someone doesn't have cable TV... they can't watch it.
    Last year the NCAA championship was only on ESPN. Thats BS.

    There are huge amounts of taxpayer dollars that go into security, traffic control, extra duty for the cops, etc etc. Therefore, the games should be available to everyone, not just those with cable. It should be on one of the 4 networks. ESPN could use ABC.

    Either way... OSU should cover the spread on USC. 7.5 points. O/U is 65. Tough call on that one.
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  3. Pekelo


    Here are 4 legal ways to watch ESPN without cable:

    (Sling TV, Hulu Live, Playstation Vue, Direct TV Now)

    The cheapest is Sling TV for $20/month.
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  4. vanzandt


    Its still not free. Unless we give universal free internet to everyone. Oh well. OSU covered the spread handily as planned. Gotta work on Monday's games. Not as easy as last night. That was low hanging fruit.
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  5. Pekelo


    Quality content never is. They are using games like this to hook up customers. If I can watch ESPN for free, why would I subscribe to it for a fee?
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  6. I'm a monk...I kind of stopped listening to (poisonous) music, and video games, and magazines/websites, and movies.

    It was just a random realization I kind of had today. -- and while walking in the market, I had no desire to buy meat and snacks/junkfood. Actually left me drymouth thinking/staring at those.

    It's extremely liberating when one can overcome society's...variables. and exists on this slight plane of...dare shall i say...superiority, to the fellow man
    Everything and everyone around you tones and zones out a bit, -- kind of like Neo in The Matrix 1999 movie
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  7. vanzandt


    You're missing my point. The point of my original post is that the "quality content" is being provided at the expense of each and every tax paying U.S. citizen therefore, they should be free to air. Under this logic, Neill Armstrong's little walk on the moon should have been streamed on PPV.

    And Lawrence Lugar... for somebody that doesn't partake in society and is so far above us mere Bourgeoisie... you sure do draw alot of parallels in life to the characters and plots of cheesy Hollywood movies. Hell you did it in the post above. :D
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  8. RRY16


    The Police, Security, First responders, traffic etc gets paid by the teams or ticket holders surcharge,they don't work for free and it's definitely not paid by federal taxes.
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  9. vanzandt


    Big night in the trailer park.
    NCAA National Championship game.
    Alabama vs Georgia.
    Tide -3.5.
    I can't believe its that tight.
    Bama should cover that easy.
    K/O 8PM.
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    Before I log out... I need to do the Lawrence Lugar response and save him some time.

    "College football is like a dolphin swimming under an iceberg. To be a great trader one must be in tune with the top of the iceberg when the sun wanes behind cloud cover. Trading is part art part science. It can't be learned by merely buying yesterday's chaos. One must be in tune with the the saltwater.
    High five Xela... Make ET great again".
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