Maybe a Sports forum ?

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  1. Maybe a Sports forum ? What do you think ?
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    Watching adult men chasing balls?
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    I thought a sport betting forum would be appropriate...
  4. So much talent wasted on such meaningless statistics.

    All though, at least I'm not up against these people in the market.
  5. FAN DUEL/DRAFT KING Forum haha
  6. Sports betters are degenerate gamblers. -- They are as crazy and emotional as their team fans. o_O

    For the most part that same description describes casino gamblers and wall street gamblers/traders as well.
  7. Pekelo


    So they deserve their own forum, right? I take you don't believe someone can be knowledgeable about teams and consistently make money by betting?
  8. Overnight


    I disagree with the idea of any forum that specifically relates to gambling. A sports-related forum could lead to that, but so long as that forum does not specifically mention betting, that's cool.

    We need to get it out of the heads of those not in the know that trading is not gambling. That is a terrible stigma attached to trading. Unjustified and unwarranted. That viewpoint from the outside must change.
  9. I found that what other people think really has no control over what I do. If they think it is gambling does that mean you make less money? Sports betting is not pure gambling if you understood how it works. Fan Duel/Draft King is more scientific than most trading strategies.
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