May was tough even for top traders

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  1. Lone Pine, run by Steve Mandel, had a difficult May through the 26th.

    According to the HSBC data, the Lone Cedar fund, with about $2.1 billion in assets, was down 6.7% and is only up 1.16% for the year. Mandel's Lone Pinon fund, Class A shares, was down 5.94% for the month through the 26th.

    • Steven Heinz's Lansdowne European Long Only Fund, with $900 million, fell 7.19% through the 26th, but is still up 9.29% for the year. Lansdowne's UK Equity Fund tumbled 3.22% through the same day, but is still up 9.82% for 2006.

    • Boyer Allen Pacific Fund, with $1.1 billion, fell 10.2% in May through the 26th, and is up 1.8% for the year.

    • Lee Ainslie's $3.7 billion Maverick Fund Class A shares were off 2.46% through the 26th of last month. The fund is up 1.61% this year.

    • Richard Chilton's Chilton International, with $758 million, was off 3.55% through the 26th, and is now down 1.2% in 2006.

    • Zweig-Dimenna International, Class A, with $840 million, fell 4.49% through May 26th, but is up 4.02% this year.

    • Martin Hughes' Tosca Fund LTD., with $3.4 billion, fell 4.2% in the month through May 18, but is up 9.35% for the year.

    • Louis Bacon's $3.8 billion Moore Global Fixed Income Fund fell 7.03% through the 24th, and is now down 0.64% for 2006.

    • Paul Tudor Jones's $4.99 billion Tudor BVI Global Fund LTD. A was off 2.81% through the 24th, though it's up 4.6% this year.
  2. How was Jack's record for May?
  3. Thanks for sharing this.

    How do you source this HSBC data. Any links you can refer us to ?? And how does HSBC get such real-time/intra-month data?


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    I know of a fund that was up 6.5% in may,,,short term discretionary futures fund.
  5. Care to share the name....?
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    May was difficult? Yeh, i suppose there is always a feeder somewhere along the line. Get it right or get it wrong.
  7. a number of the every day traders I know had a tough time -- the market changed her stripes in may, and it became a new game again. it seemed like a lot of the usual things stopped working. it was a frustrating month all around, it seems.

    naturally, some people made money. May was good for me, but april was the pits.

    I personally like it when the market shakes people up, as something is often in the works.
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  9. I trade a managed account in an LLC and was flat for May but up 22% ytd.
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    Hi, I'm following a trading system that made 11% during May trading future contracts. (ES, YM and NQ).

    Based on 1 contract per market per 10,000 under management.

    Total gross profit was $3,979 per contract.
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