May be time to start shorting gold...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cszulc, Sep 22, 2008.

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    A la the Jim Cramer contrarian play. He just recommended buying gold stocks OR the gold ETF (GLD) when gold futures had a recent $120~ ride up the past 1-2 weeks. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!
  2. this guy is rediculous before he was all for this "plan" and now he is not so confident on his show anymore before he was like buy buy buy stocks now he is like buy buy buy gold haha this guy is bipolar
  3. Did he not say 2 weeks ago it was the bottom in the stock market?
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    Plus he was saying with gold in the $700s that deflation was our problem and gold was not the right place to be.
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  6. Didn't you hear the news. Fed have banned short selling gold as that is the only asset left for the Treasury to sell from Fort Knox.
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    Wow that video with cramer shows how off he really is!!
  8. A thread dedicated to his contradictory statements (video, articles, etc.) would get 5 stars from me. Just sayin'.
  9. Fort Knox is empty. Newsflash.
  10. At about a minute into that clip, that girl looks like she is in the prone position ready to take it from behind. Hey, the market is closed, my mind wanders, get over it.
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