May 27th Crappy session

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by leveraged, May 27, 2009.

  1. What a crappy session so far, the morning has been completely trendless, and the charts look more like a seismograph.

    Anyone capitalizing on this? I sure ain't.

    As I write this the market breaks lower, hopefully more volatility towards EOD.
  2. CET


    I have a few biotech stocks getting jammed higher, but most others I am watching don't have much movement today.
  3. I day trade so the morning has been a wreck. This recent dip is welcomed, but I missed it because it didn't fit my timing.

    Anyone have similar results?
  4. bootize


    The ES was like drying paint. Had to move to NQ. Did catch the small up move.
  5. Good old market, doing exactly what it's supposed to do - making it hard to get in and stay in, either way.

    Suckers get steamrollered mercilessly and retire to the sidelines to lick their wounds (just speaking generally, not about anyone in this thread).