May 22nd Online Chat w/ Tom Busby

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  1. In case anybody was interested in participating in a free online club audio voice chat meeting we are having, I've cut and pasted below the message I sent out to our club members. We have these online club meetings quite regularly with different speakers so feel free to attend any of them for free. We invite speakers to come on these online chats to share "how to" eductional information about their trading methodologies.

    There will be a free online audio voice chat with Tom Busby of the DayTrading Institute on May 22nd at 8:00 PM Eastern Time (outline of online presentation below) on (see instructions on how to long on at bottom of this email). Also be sure to check out Tom's free beta test Free Real Time Trade Alerts through Yahoo Messenger that you can start getting right now (see below)

    Hear 22-year Veteran trader Tom Busby LIVE on on
    May 22, 2001 at 8:00 PM EST

    Hear the strategies and techniques that have helped professional trader and broker Thomas L. Busby profitably trade the futures market for more than 22 years. Tom managed over 600 accounts with Merrill Lynch in the
    80’s before becoming Vice President of Solomon Smith Barney. He gave up his career in the brokerage business in 1996 when he founded the DayTrading Institute. Tom has trained more than 500 traders/investors on-site in Mobile, AL and more than 5,000 at seminars around the country. He was the premier speaker at the Las Vegas Money Show in May
    where he conducted the ABC’s of Trading and Technical Analysis.

    During this 1 ½ hour on-line seminar, Tom will discuss just some of the following issues:

    1) Importance of the S&P 500 Futures

    2) Use of Time as a Proprietary Indicator

    3) How to trade using a 24 hour clock

    4) Money Management techniques that have helped him survive

    5) The Famous Early Bird Trade (Learn about a trade that is 90% successful that can make you thousands before the rest of America gets out of bed)

    Look how some of Busby’s picks have performed since April 10, 2001.

    Open on 4/10
    Closing on 5/9

    37.36% gain

    20.06% gain

    49% gain

    28.50% gain

    29.87% gain

    Followed by ASK THE EXPERT, a question and answer session for you to ask
    Tom what’s on your mind.

    *** Added bonus hear stories on PalTalk (instructions below) from a
    couple of Cornerstone club members who are recent DTI graduates who have
    been extremely successful using Tom’s methodology to trade both the S&P
    500 futures and the equities market.

    Don't Forget:
    DTI is beta testing an instant messaging service using proprietary trading techniques.

    Founder and president of DTI, Tom Busby, a 20 year trading veteran is allowing you the opportunity to "look over his shoulder" as he approaches the trading day with the trades he's making & recommending.

    Now is your opportunity.
    Don't miss the next recommendation.
    Call DTI @ 800.970.9791
    Ask for Tonia. Instructions
    Live online voice chat Tuesday May 22nd at 8:00 PM Eastern Time
    Follow the following instructions to join the 8:00 PM chat with Tom Busby :

    A. Go to and click on the Download button on their homepage
    B. After that a text box will come asking you "What do you want to do now" and "Enter a new voice group" is already checked, so just click OK. It will take you into the PalTalk tech support chat room where you can test your microphone and speakers to make sure they are working properly.
    c. Another window will come up, click on box at bottom of this window that says "Groups"
    D. Scroll down the group selections list to the 3rd catagory from the bottom called "Business and Finance"
    E. Look for the chat room called
    and click on it to join the chat. Our Cornerstone chat room will not be there until a half hour before the chat that is to start at 8:00 PM. So you can show up 30 minutes early (7:30 PM Eastern Time) if you want to try the chat to make sure you know how to use it.
  2. Are there any charges associated with any of this that you are plugging?
  3. No, the club does not charge for any of the meetings we have with our local chapter meetings nor any of the online chats we have. Plus we don't have any club dues for those who are members of the club. We've been bringing speakers to do live presentations for three years and just started doing the online chats. Our objective in bringing in these speakers has been to learn as much valuable information as we can get from these presentations, and we have received quite an education over the years from all the different speakers we have had come to our club. We ask these speakers to share educational information about trading. Most of these speakers are not just being completely benevolent, they are are hoping to generate business for themselves for whatever services they provide, and many times they do pick up business, but we have greatly benefited as traders from the information they shared at the club meetings. We are always clear with the speakers with the type of educational content we would like in a presentation so that they don't come in and do a pure infomercial. For the most part the majority of our speakers have delivered top notch useful information at our free club meetings and hopefully these free online chats will prove to be just as beneficial to everyone.
  4. Besides the "how to" educational content that Tom will sharing concerning trading stocks and the S&P futures,
    we are going to have a couple of club members as well as myself on this chat that evening sharing how our trading has been going using the methodology Tom Busby teaches. Today was my first trade using his method in trading an S&P e-mini and netted 11 points, so we'll see how things come along as I continue to trade his methodology. A couple of our club members went his workshop a couple of months ago and have been trading almost everyday throughout this time and I'll have them on the chat to share how they have doing since I won't have as much to share due to the fact that I just took the course and since I just started trading the method he teaches. Should be an interesting chat that evening.
  5. If you want to check out info on this months online club speaker, Tom Busby, prior to our club's free online voice chat with him on PalTalk on Tuesday May 22nd at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time, you can go to his site
    Even though all of the speakers we have invited to do online presentations are always hoping to pick up business for whatever services they offer, we have not been disappointed in the educational "how to" information they share on the chats, plus the questions people ask on the chats seems to pull out the best info from these speakers on how they trade. Tom spoke at the club a few months ago and that presentation was great, this online presentation should be pretty good as well.