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  1. whatever your trippin'on rs7 i want some of it..but only half the dose your taking :p :p :p
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  2. BS, I challenged you to prove yourself truthful. You can't do it. All you can do is be evasive, like you are right now.
    Another lame claim. "Investigated?" Wow, pretty ominous sounding.

    However, you begged me to call up your house purchaser and even posted her phone number. Of course, you turned out to be fibbing (again).

    "She's the lawyer?" That's right BS7, no lawyer would waste their time making frivolous filings, they don't want to be called in front of the bar to explain why. Check with your wife for details.

    But, you made a huge issue of it, not your wife. You reported it in lengthy fashion right here on ET, not your wife. I called you a liar, not your wife. So put up or shut up Mr. BS Artist.


    "Bottom line is my wife has already filed a police report and also filed papers for a restraining order with the PB County Court pertaining to "Persons Un-named" using the IP addresses of you and of FPC. If you want, I will send you a copy when the filing is complete."

    C'mon loudmouth, PROVE IT. Here's a starter for you: What's my IP address?

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  3. Rebutt every word? That's a laugh, I don't even read your entire crap filled posts!

    As far as reposting, actually, BS7, for most of ET readers, reading the output of your scrambled thought processes once is one time too many.
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  4. You said you wanted to buy my house. I said it was sold and was for sale by the investor/agent. I mistakenly confused you with someone who sincerely had an interest in purchasing Florida real estate. Just like I mistakenly confused you as a trader and as a human being.

    I had a financial interest in her selling the property. Why would I NOT give out her number? At the time I did not realize that if you had moved to Florida you would have driven down property value for a hundred mile radius at least.

    Now THAT'S A LAUGH!!!!! You stay up all night reading my posts looking for inconsistencies. You have my posts memorized.

    I never said I had your IP address. One way or another I would have gotten it if I needed it.

    If I really wanted it I could probably get it quite easily. But you don't interest me the way I do you.

    The bottom line here is you are doing what you always do. You are saying that I am being evasive. While you are evading getting what you say you say you are so anxious to have.

    You can't call my wife. You don't have the guts to speak to anyone. You are an internet troll. Nothing more and nothing less.

    That is all you will ever be.

    You are a sadistic coward. A truly disgusting combination.

    So assuming you will not call I bid you farewell. If you do call her (and I really hope you do), then we shall see what happens next. Aren't you interested? A little curious? Maybe scared? Yes? No?

    Goodbye Max. Happy Hunting
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  5. I "wanted to buy" your house? That's a complete fabrication.

    Evasive again as well as a teller of Tall Tales. Here's the quote"

    "...using the IP addresses of you and of FPC."

    I think one would tend to believe that one must have an IP address before one could use it. Of course, its obvious that you never had any IP address.

    Now, I would ask you again to prove yourself not to be full of crap. But, we all know now from your retraction from your previous claim of possessing IP addresses, that it would be impossible for you to now defend yourself.

    Hiding behind your wife's apron while you capitulate is rather sickening. And the outright dare to call her, coupled with a thinly disguised threat, is as well.

    Frankly, if an attorney did file frivolous papers with the police or the Court, particularly on their own behalf, he or she could face possible censure.

    So run along, BS7, everyone knows the answer:
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  6. Alex Trebek: "Ok, time for final Jeopardy.

    The category today is: "Abnormal Psychology."

    And here is the final Jeopardy answer:

    "What Max401 does with RS7's posts."

    "Remember, respond in the form of a question."

    "Okay, time is up. Pencils down."

    Contestant number one, what is your question to the answer:

    "What Max401 does with RS7's posts."

    "Contestant number one, what did you write down?"


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  7. Yes, as you said, you don't even read what I write. You just memorize it by osmosis.

    I NEVER said I had your IP address. I just knew I could get it.

    What are you talking about "thinly disguised threat"? No threat. The only threat is the threat YOU PERCEIVE in interacting with living breathing people.

    As for the legal stuff. I did not know that you were not only an expert in computers, used cars, home remodeling, auto repair, real estate, but law as well? I would think someone with so much knowledge about so many things would have better things to do with their lives than to haunt message boards.

    Get a life. Leave me to mine. I am more than happy to forget you exist. (If you actually do. Maybe you are an AI experiment gone amuck).

    In any event Max, consider yourself the victor. OK? Or call my wife and start this all over again. But either let it go, or go for it.

    You serve no purpose here. You resent everyone who has a life. There is no reason for this. Get off your ass and go become part of the world. Overcome your agoraphobia and your paranoia. No one is "out to get you". No one cares if you are fat. No one cares if you are a prick. There are plenty of fat pricks living full and enjoyable lives.

    But you can't do that when you focus all your efforts on attacking others. Peace out. Find your way. It is never too late. You are intelligent. There must be something that interests you in the real world. Give it a try.

    Please, if you really have to have the last word, be my guest. But you have said it all. I get it. You think I am full of shit about everything. You don't like that I have had experiences beyond my computer keyboard. I don't like the way your are, and you don't like the way I am. That makes us even. Why not leave it at that?
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  8. Everything? You came on ET and tried to use a lie as a threat against FPC and myself, i.e. that you and/or your wife filed papers against us.

    The simple question is prove what you claimed, otherwise, just from this issue alone, you have no credibility.

    Do you think that making a claim of a police report and restraining order against someone is not an attempt, within the ET forum, to defame that person?

    Or how about making the outrageous claim that one's spouse is fearful of an ET poster? What's the purpose of that proclamation? "I can get you in big trouble?" Or maybe: "See how bad this person is, he scared my wife." Great, if it's legitimate, however, I say its a crap way to defend one's self using this kind of damnable and egregious lie.

    So, let's legitimize your BS. Let's see the "filings." What happenned to: "If you want, I will send you a copy when the filing is complete."?

    Don't go running your mouth with one evasion after another; simply prove one thing that you can prove, and very easily.

    If you can't prove the simple tangible thing that has a definitive evidence trail, is of recent occurrence, is of public record and is easily validated, then you probably are what I believe you to be, unfortunately.

    "Already filed" is past tense. Here's your claim:

    " wife has already filed... using the IP addresses of you and of FPC."

    We already know the truth, you and/or your wife didn't file anything.
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  9. What is wrong with you? You can't take "no" for an answer? Or you can't let this thing just die. You are really that obsessed?

    And don't play your obvious game of "you are evading!" (while it is YOU that is really evading). You really need to be able to take a step or two back and see how obvious and sophomoric your little games are.

    I told you I will never attempt to "prove" anything to you again. I don't have to, and I don't want to. I explained quite clearly why. Numerous times.

    On several occasions you challenged me to "prove" statements I made. I played your game, and you made a mockery of it. Proving something to you never meant a thing. Why would this be different?

    How many times do I have to go over the same thing?

    It's over Max. Don't waste your time asking any more. If you want to consider this "proof" that I lied, fine. I told you you are welcome to call my wife. This was her thing. Not mine. You can even argue law with her...since you seem to believe that someone can be censured for requesting a "frivolous" restraining order? LOL! Go to law school. You can be an expert on real estate, used cars, computers, home renovation, auto body work, etc. without a formal education. But I strongly recommend you don't try to explain the law to me, let alone my wife. But you are welcome to try! Make a fool of yourself all you want.

    Do what ever you want. I am sure you will make this into some "proof" that I lied about everything. That's fine with me. If every single person on ET believes you are correct about me, that too is fine with me. I just don't care anymore. The only thing I was ever guilty of was caring. But you taught me that credibility means nothing on an anonymous message board. So good bye Max.
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  10. you shouldnt have started this thread

    max has your number

    if its attention you want , go somwhere else to get it because it seems like max is onto you
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