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  1. Check out RS7's "growth" stock. It's coming along nicely.

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    hahahahahaah......looks like a screaming buy
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  4. Hehheh... what happens if it splits?:D
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  5. Longshot, you of all people are saying this? The guy who told us how much ass he used to get in high school?

    Your friend Max makes statements that are out and out fabrications. Or he takes something I said, changes it to suit his needs and then says I lied. Meanwhile the "lies" were not written by me, but by Max. So of course it all sounds like bullshit.

    I said I played one song with the Allman Bros. ..I played a simple repetitive bass riff that anyone could learn to play in 10 minutes. Max then says that I claimed to have played lead guitar. Never said anything like that. I never claimed to be on a "secret spy mission". I took a commuter helicopter flight from Nice to Monte Carlo JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, and somehow it turned into some "Choppers over Monaco" adventure. It was as ordinary a flight as imaginable.

    I dated a girl 35 years ago who went on to become a movie star. When I was with her, she was a $80 a week secretary. Big deal.

    I served my country. I was drafted just like hundreds of thousands of guys my age at that time. But this is too amazing to Max (who was either too fat or too psychotic to be taken if he was old enough). So because I was sent overseas which I chose to do only when given a choice between that and prison, I went. Reluctantly.

    Longshot comes along and adds HIS WORDS to something when he quoted ME. This is as an effective way as any to make someone look bad. Is that what ET is supposed to be about?

    Here's how it works:

    This is EXACTLY what he did with a "quote" of mine. Put in his own words.

    Then he comes here and mocks ME for my "tall tales"? This coming from the guy that told us about how many girls he used to get when he was such a cool guy in high school (presumedly before the girls became women no longer found interest in him). Now, obviously his relationships are all with drugs and alchohol.

    This is also the guy that claims to be an expert on the healthiness of different diets, but proselytized the use of steroids.

    Max has a serious problem with being 100% negative 100% of the time. Longshot has too many problems to list. But by his own description of himself, we all know he is a bright guy who can express himself quite well when sober. But unfortunately, that isn't a frequent state of consciousness for him.

    Max has been calling me a liar for 2 years. How difficult is that? Anyone can say anything they want about anyone else. Max claimed with absolute certainty that I had never skied at Chamonix. So I posted a scan of my ski pass. He altered it. Max said I was lying about ever having been in Monaco. He pestered me about where my French visa was issued, and finally I said Chicago. He then had "proof" that that was a lie as well. France did not issue visas (Max said). But then, amazingly, I scanned the visa that France "did not issue". So Max was caught in a lie. But that is when he explained that when HE LIED it was for the "greater good".

    Max claimed I never traded on the CBOE. I gave him the names of people there he could have contacted and gotten his "proof" he so desperately craves all the time. But of course he never pursued that information. It was easier to just call me a liar.

    Max accuses me of ad hominem attacks. Then he calls me "gay". Knowing for a FACT that I have been married, widowed, and re-married. Knowing for a fact that I am a very proud father and stepfather.

    Am I offended if he calls me "gay"? No, not in the least. It actually was very amusing to me. It further shows how desperate he is to get me to respond to him. This is what he has resorted to? Calling me "GAY"? Totally laughable. Especially when in fact Max himself has pretty clearly demonstrated that he has no interest in women and never did. And certainly Longshot is the most likely candidate to be a closet queen of anyone here. A guy that tells us he takes steroids and stares at himself in the mirror. A guy that thinks a Corvette makes him more "masculine".

    I said I would ignore Max, and I did. It was clearly killing Max. Enough that he had to stoop to calling me "gay" and posting old scans he has been cherishing for years. How desperate must he have been to get me to respond?

    But it wasn't Max's lame attempts. It was Longshot's post. And ARTs post (implying that I had a "madness") that triggered this response. But I may as well just point out that Max's obsession with me is very real. He NEEDS me. I am what he exists for. Anyone can do a search and see how many of his posts are about me. Now he has lowered himself to calling me "gay". He clearly kept the scan of my Chamonix ski pass for years on his hard drive. That is how important I am to him. I wonder who is really "gay"? I thought he stalked me because it was what he did out of his pathological nastiness and negative way of living life. Now I am beginning to understand that there may be a sexual aspect to his fascination with me. Certainly it isn't like his "love life" is about a wife and kids. And computers don't love back. So maybe his unrequited love for things technical aren't enough for his emotional needs. Maybe trying to establish a relationship with me is as close as he can get to "love". The difference between love and hate isn't much. Both are very strong emotions.

    So Max, I guess you were just too nervous to have met me (and my wife) for dinner when offered. Was it that you were afraid of rejection? Or was it that you were jealous of my wife?

    In any event, happy hunting. On message boards, mens rooms, wherever you troll.

    And ART, I am not sure why you are so eager to jump into this all the time. Psychoanalyzing me. I find that very interesting. Particularly considering what you have said about how your marriage ended. How you had to have things your way, and couldn't "share" a life with a woman. Fascinating that you are able to diagnose me. You are very good at political and religious debates. You are not qualified to judge anyone's "sanity". Certainly it is more than pretentious to label someone you don't know as "mad".

    I always liked and admired you for what you said. Your good sense of humor. Your talent with visuals. I respected your opinions and the way you expressed them. The ones I agreed with and disagreed with both. But your need to comment on every exchange between me and Max makes you by default too interested to be able to make any objective observations. I suggest you stick to what you are good at. You are very good at a lot of things. You suck at evaluating relationships. You can't take your own failed marriage and use what happened and how you felt and reacted as any kind of standard. We are all different as people. So I really suggest you give some thought to that before you again hand down psychological diagnoses. Just my humble opinion. I am entitled, am I not? Or is it only you that is?

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  6. Reading his last episodic rambling, I think he just did.

    God, I hope RS7 is a touch typist. Sheesh...!

    Apparently, RS7 doesn't want anyone to agree with the obvious. He's 1. A BS'r from the beginning; and 2. He'll say anything to convince you otherwise.

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  7. This is the craziest thread i have ever read!!!LMAO!!!

    You guys sound like the "Costanza's"on Seinfeld!!....

    check out this site if you get time:
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  8. Yeah, apparently Max doesn't want to address any of the issues. Just post a ridiculous picture and make a statement. And run away.

    How's about this Max: Why don't you explain what motivates someone to keep a picture of someone they are NOT obsessed with on their hard drive for years?

    BTW, speaking of photographs, someone sent me a PM. Said that this was a pretty recent picture of you. I imagined you fatter. But the "type" seems right:
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  9. Ridiculous picture? Yeah, right. That photo is a very good representation of you.

    Run away? That's a laugh, you have an excuse for any trap you make for yourself, only you don't see that most take you for the BS artist that you are.

    For example, please post the paperwork you and/or your s.o. filed at the PBC with the Clerk's stamp. Can't do that can you? Are you going to say again that, "the Judge wouldn't sign?"

    You have to file first and get a copy with the Clerk's stamp and a receipt for the filing fee---> same as every court in the land.

    I seriously doubt that someone sent you that picture. You can't take responsibility for your own sick behavior.

    RS7, if you wish to post pictures of men's genitalia, I think you have a serious problem.
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  10. You have been harping on this same issue for months. I told you I had nothing to do with it. My WIFE (not "s.o.") went to file. She is the lawyer. Not me. Talk to her about it. You know how to find her!

    You investigated us off ET. You know my name. You know my wife's name. You know where she works.

    If you are so interested in this, why don't you CALL HER AND ASK HER YOURSELF?

    It is NOT my obligation in any way to satisfy your demands for proof about anything.

    When I did, it was a waste of time. Again, I mentioned IN PASSING that I had skied in Chamonix. For whatever reason (God only knows how your thought processes work) you stated that it was IMPOSSIBLE that I skied there (why you would think this remains a mystery to me). Yet I posted my ski pass. (Along with photos I had taken on the Valley Blanche). Clearly it had my initials on it (Had my name, but I tried to leave the R and S visible while trying to block out the entire name to preserve some anonymity) and the date which was exactly when I said I was there. So what did you do? You altered the photograph and put a Pinocchio nose on it.

    I mentioned I was in Monaco. Again for mysterious reasons unknowable to anyone but you, you claimed I couldn't have been there:confused: So I posted pictures of my son on the beach and ALSO at other locations in the area. You said it was "just some kid on the beach" (even though this "some kid" was in several photos wearing different outfits).

    You said I couldn't have had a visa to go to France in 1989, because France did NOT ISSUE VISAS to Americans in 1989. Yet I still had that old passport, scanned the visa, and then you backtracked and said you were lying in order to lay a "trap" for me. (For the "greater good"...your lies are really are a psychopath, and that is REAL "PROOF").

    So give me one reason I should make any effort at all to provide you with "proof" of anything? I don't give a shit what you believe or don't.

    You have lied constantly about what I have said. You have said I claimed to have been on a "secret mission". I never said that. I said I was on an "illegal" mission. Just like thousands of us were. I was no Rambo or anything close to that.

    I said I was friendly with Greg Allman. I said I had played on stage with the Allman Bros. for ONE SONG. I played bass guitar on ONE SONG. YOU changed this into me playing LEAD GUITAR. Quite a stretch from being one guy on a stage with 12 or 15 or whatever musicians doing a simple jam of a simple song (Season of the Witch) to making me a front man for the Allman Brothers. Not close!!!

    I said I knew Cher when I live in Aspen, and that Greg Allman told me later that I had introduced them. I said I had no idea if he was kidding me or not. I think he was just giving me a hard time. I NEVER said that I knew or didn't know if I actually introduced them. I said right away in the original post that I was stoned on Quaaludes and have no memory of the incident.

    I said I went out with a girl who became a famous actress. You don't believe me. I'll tell you who it was. It was Sissy Spacek. You can try and contact her. You know my name. If you can get to her, she will tell you herself that we lived together on 19th Street between 1st and 2nd Ave. in NYC in the early 70s. Off and on from 1969 to 1972.

    So go ahead and investigate that too. You should have a pretty heavy schedule of things to investigate now. A REAL FULL FUCKING PLATE! (and btw, that is how I got to know Greg Allman...he and Sissy worked together doing studio work as "starving artists"...the Allman Bros. Band was no more "famous" then than I was when we met).

    While I really couldn't give a shit what you think, I do care that you have painted me to be some kind of pathological liar to the rest of the ET people. This is ALL you have done here. You have NEVER contributed in any constructive way to any trading thread. You don't trade. You just troll this message board and stalk people. Mostly, but not exclusively me.

    And when you aren't being a troll on ET, you are busy doing the same thing on other message boards. You have done this. I know it and you know it. Most of us here know it.

    You stalked Aphie as well and took it off ET and made some kind of mission out of him too. I am sure there were others. Your kind of behavior isn't restricted or controllable. You very sick.

    As for the photograph. Yeah, you are a prick, so the picture seemed appropriate.

    Again, feel free to call my wife at work. Feel free to explain to anyone here why you felt compelled to investigate me and my wife in public records. Feel free to explain why you kept the scan of the ski pass on your computer for the past two years. (Yeah, it's REAL obvious you are NOT obsessed with me).

    You keep saying that everyone here believes me to be a bullshitter. Well the facts remain I had wasted time submitting absolute "proof" to back up what I said, and you made a mockery of it. I won't make that mistake again. It was a waste of time trying to convince YOU of anything. That was before I realized how ill you are. But it DID prove to others that what I said was true. And that was something you couldn't handle. So you had to distort the images. Make a mockery of everything. Never could you admit you were wrong about anything. Fine. I don't care, and I know and EVEN YOU KNOW that I was truthful. I don't have anything to prove to you or anyone else.

    Besides, no matter what people think of me....if they think I am a liar or not, EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS FOLLOWED the exchanges between you and me KNOWS you are obsessed with me and have stalked me. On and OFF ET. This is FACT! Very clear and very obvious.

    Not just me either. You have stalked and harassed others. It is what you are about. Who you are.

    Is Optional/ART right? Am I "mad" for responding to your relentless taunts? Maybe I am. Obviously I should have ignored you from the very first time you started being an inquisitor. I regret ever having engaged in any communication with you.

    But I can't undo what I did. I made the mistake of thinking you were just some skeptical guy. I was naive. I did not know better than to let myself be vulnerable to a person like you. I should have been more cautious about interacting with anyone on the internet. But I was NEW to the whole message board thing. You were there to pounce on me as a "newbie". (actually, I had been on "alt.guitar" newsgroup for years, but everyone there was very pleasant and had the same interests. It was before every psycho was wired to the web).

    Well congratulations. I hope you have made yourself feel great by being a miserable and annoying nemesis. Congratulations on scaring my wife. Now you can take it further and harass her on the phone. I made a mistake and gave too much information. It enabled you to take away the anonymity YOU CHERISH SO MUCH FOR YOURSELF. Now you have the upper hand. So I have lost and you have won. And I take responsibility for being naive. For being foolish and exposing me and my family to the kind of lunacy you are about. but I can't undo it. I wish I could.

    So go ahead and call my wife. You can make her life miserable again. She has forgotten about the incident (or at least hasn't mentioned it to me). So here's your opportunity to refresh her misery. Call her and ask her your questions about what she did at the courthouse. Ask her to email or fax you whatever papers you want. Whatever papers she has (if she kept them). Either way, the reality is I know you would NEVER give her your email address or fax number. So it's all really moot. But you CAN call her and ask her what she did. You can dial a "star 67" or whatever it is that hides your identity. Then you can come back here on ET and tell everyone what she said.

    So go ahead. I will tell her that you will identify yourself as "MAX 401" to her secretary.

    Ask her whatever you want. Please! Just do it and get it over with.

    Or are you too afraid to interact with anyone other than on a message board? (which is what you have so far proven to me). But you have her name. I assume you have her office number or can look it up. If you don't, you can certainly find out where she is through public records like you did before. You have her name and you know she is a member of the Florida Law Board. So knock yourself out. She is easy to find.

    Time to pull the trigger Max. Here's your chance to get your "proof". And this is the same opportunity you have always had.

    You think that hammering me with this one issue is making me less credible and making you more credible? Why not resolve this? How many times are you going to ask the same fucking thing of me? You know damn well I had told you to call HER on this before.

    I know you don't do real life. I know you only do "virtual reality". I knew that when I gave you the names (and I think I even gave you the numbers) of the people I worked with at the CBOE. And just like now, back then you just preferred to say I was a "BSer". When the "proof" was just a phone call away.

    So shit or get off the pot Max.

    Make the call. Or shut the fuck up. You can't have it both ways!

    Oh, and when you come up with your inevitable rebuttal to every word, as I am sure you will, there is no need to quote this entire post. I don't know why you are compelled to always do that, but we know what I wrote already. Only YOU need to see it all again. You HAVE TO REALIZE that once is enough for anyone else.
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