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  2. Like your numerous swan song posts, you're fulla bulla on this one too.

    One would think that "ignoring him as best as possible" would preclude starting specific posts devoted to exactly the opposite of that.

    So, if your wife caught you humping the upstairs maid you'd just say: "But honey, I was ignoring her as best as possible..."

    ART is right---- Hey, RS7, do me a favor, you whacked out gay goofball:


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    Mad Max,
    XXXOOO's !

    we had sum good times dint we!

    ps read my shirt!
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  6. yeah..RS7 is a hoot.. LOL.. i miss his tall tales.. c'mon RS tell us another bedtime story :p
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  7. nkhoi

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    could be a cry out for help :D
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  8. Actually, it's more of a cry out to do some more "look at me, RS7; see how cool I am."
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  9. That may be true, but why do you have to fit into the equation voluntarily?

    Doesn't the ignore button work for you either? Or have you lost control of your ability to ignore his madness? Are you like Pavlov's dog, and have a involuntary response that cannot be controlled? RS7 rings the bell, and you slobber all over the keyboard with your responses.

    Wouldn't it be equally true that since RS7 doesn't do his dance alone, and since you are a willing participant is this process, that you are in effect saying "look at me, max401, see how much cooler I am than RS7."

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  10. Not at all. First, RS7 may be saying "Look at me, see how cool I am."

    However, anyone sane who reads of his numerous fantasy exploits, i.e. Cher, the Filmore, Chamonix, Monaco, shot and captured on a secret State Dept. mission, etc., instantly knows that he is full of crap.

    I'm not claiming coolness, I'm just agreeing with the majority perception that this idiot is pretty much delusional.
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