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  1. I thought for a minute that was going to be another of your swan song posts (if you'll forgive the contradiction in terms). Those are always fun. (Nudge, nudge Max.) :)

    Look RS, we get it. You've been given a bit of a raw deal. We understand. We were there, remember? You've reminded us a thousand times (and counting); why do you think we need so many reminders?

    As for how does Max make ET better? Well, speaking for myself, I find the way he hounds you and the way you respond and the way that makes him hound you even more fiendishly funny. Oh, I dig it so.
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  2. RS7, with another lengthy tirade of crap!

    Here's the facts: I haven't said a word about you or to you in a month.

    Yet, again, you create another special "Max" thread and make your inflammatory comments. Now, you're upset because I responded? You're the biggest joke on ET.
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  3. BULLSHIT!!!!!!

    While it may be true (I am not like you, so I won't read every post you made...I will take your word for it) "haven't said a word about" me "in over a month". And I haven't said a word about you. It had been a pleasure.

    But your compulsion was too strong. So overwhelming that finally today you could no longer resist the urge, and you just had to dig up this thread, which hadn't been posted to in a month.

    And here is what you said:

    Now, if it was about ME as you claim everything is, then WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BRING THIS BACK TO THE SURFACE?

    No's all about YOU and your NEED to be a part of my life. If you had a life of your own, you wouldn't need me at all. Why not give it a try?

    Read the first post of this thread. There was a clear reason for me to have started it. It was so you could have a place to direct your need to be involved in my life in one place. Why interject your compulsion with me in all the other threads? I thought I was doing you (and everyone else) a favor.

    See if you can control yourself. See if it is possible for you to manage to leave me out of your posts. Or would that ruin ET for you? Here's another "challenge" I would bet you can't rise to.

    I am sure you have enough negativity to haunt all the Atkins message boards. Why waste time here? Why not go places where you have some knowledge (and interest) about the topics? Trading isn't part of your life at all. There must be thousands of message boards that are populated by fat computer nerds. Why not hang out with your own kind? Do a search of your own posts. There are only three topics you talk about. Dieting, computers, and me.

    Live without me. I know it will be hard, but I assure you, vastly more people on this planet live without me in their lives than do. Join the majority.

    Another perfect example of what you do. You make baseless implications. You said "you're upset because I responded?"

    Well does this look like "UPSET" to you? I know it wouldn't to any right thinking human:

    NOTHING in that to even HINT at being "upset". But reality never had anything to do with your posts about me. Why would anyone expect that to ever change?

    You dug up an old thread for no purpose at all. Except to call me a "loser" and to get yourself involved in my life. As you are so desperate to do.

    You really are a pathetic case. But you already know this. I apologize for being redundant.

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  4. If you "dig it so", then why not do it yourself? You are certainly smarter than Max, and infinitely more creative. Max has been doing his same tired routine with me for years. You have more imagination, more brains, and more of a natural ability to be annoying. Why not take me on yourself if it's so amusing to you?

    Coming from you, I would at least know I had a worthy nemesis. I at least respect you and like you. (Don't ask why...some things are not explainable). Max is a useless light-weight. Nothing more and nothing less than a cinder in my eye. Except when he went off ET and investigated me and my family by going through tax rolls or whatever he did. Then he proved himself to be pathological. I hope you can see that he stepped over the line. Everyone else did. So regardless of what you think of yourself a favor and at least realize that Max is deranged. Not a person to look up to in any respect (yeah, it kills me to use the word "respect" in the same sentence as "Max", but sometimes shit just falls that way).

    Grow up and make your own fun. Don't rely on Max. Whatever he has done, I am sure you could do 10000 times better!

    Peace DM,
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  5. Error,

    I guess what is on my mind and everyone else's is why you care what Max401 does or think? Why give two shits?

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  6. Exactly. But don't forget, nothing is ever RS7's fault!
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  7. ElCubano


    :D hahahahahahah...this guy is tooo funny...
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  8. The ET perennial nutcase RS7 keeps providing great material!
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  9. Aphie, you are correct. I don't give two shits about what (if anything) is on his little mind. But I do find it annoying that the one apparent thing on his demented "mind" (and I use the word "mind" very loosely), is his obsession with me.

    I already know he has no career, no family, no friends and no social life. Just a lot of self loathing. So I understand he needs to act out the way he does. Classic stalker's profile.

    Believe me, I would like nothing more than to be able to truly ignore the little bitch. But when he/she/it? makes allusions to me in threads in which I don't even participate, but do sometimes look at, and I see him quoted (so having Max on ignore doesn't do squat), it is annoying. Not annoying in the sense that it bothers me personally, but annoying in the sense that his jabs at me which are totally out of context serve only to throw threads off track....or at least that appears to be his intent. As I said before; no one should be allowed to hijack threads. Staying on topic is difficult enough. Having a "Max" throwing in non-sequiturs just makes it that much worse.

    So I started this thread to give him a forum for his negativity.

    Why disrupt other threads with his obsession? Why should he be able to hijack other threads at will? There should be a place for everything. I sincerely started this thread to give Max a place of his own. Contrary to the stated opinions of some others, this is NOT about me. Read the first post. The purpose of the thread was spelled out clearly.

    I was giving Max a venue for his non-contributions. Why should he poison threads about things people care about? Here he can carry on about how I am a liar, you are a whatever it is he hounds you about, etc. We all know how Max enjoys his time on ET. Why not have a place devoted for his misanthropic posts?

    Certainly I have bent over backward to accommodate him. Now it's up to him. I did my part. I started this thread for Max. Now he can make use of it or not. His choice. My choice is to go back to ignoring him as best as possible.

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  10. ElCubano


    There in lies the problem....all this time you have been bending the wrong way.... :D

    cmon loosing up girls its only the internet...relax. max couldnt hurt a fly
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