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  1. You are both sick, that is probably why the relationship continues.

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  2. My guess, "the poor me" syndrome. What a nutcase.
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  3. I can buy that. Never claimed not to be a little weird myself. Of course, I could say the same about you and many other's here.

    ART, you know that I like and respect you and your well thought out and well written posts. But this does not negate the fact that some of your behavior (just as some of my own) is not quite "normal".....who among us is completely "normal"? Spend enough time on a message board, and it will warp anyone.

    Does Max bother me? No, he is just another source of entertainment. But when he investigated my family, and made my wife get nuts for a while until she put it all in perspective and realized that Max is a non-person....well, that was behavior on Max's behalf that was over the top. Not "entertainment". Not acceptable behavior by any standard.

    You had your back and forth with Don B., for reasons that no one really understood, nor were they interested in. But it wasn't anyone's business but yours and his. My beef with Max is my own. And I guess his.

    He has misquoted me. He has claimed that I said things I never said. To him it's a game of making me look bad. Fine, I have no problem with that. I am me, he is what he is.

    I know were I have been, and what I have done. And what I have said. Max wants to twist my statements, that's fine. He is a Karl Rove. Or wants to be. I can live with that. I can live with Max being here.

    I just find it fascinating that Max seems so obsessed with my life. And actually quite sad that Max has no life of his own to speak of. If he did, my life would hold no interest to him.

    You have been around the RS/Max thing long enough to have witnessed that when Max demands "proof" and gets it, it is meaningless (to him). When Max demands "proof" and does not get it, it becomes "proof" that I lied. Do you think I can't see I am in a no win situation here?

    When Max lies, and is caught in a lie, it is is a "lie for the greater good"...

    So how can anyone possibly really expect to make any headway with this back and forth nonsense? Why do you debate Axeman? Will you change him? He you?

    Why do I respond to Max? No different reason than your's with Axeman. A way to pass time. A way to pass time in which you believe yourself to be correct, and your adversary to be wrong.

    But at least you and Axeman (and all the others) "play" within the (mostly civilized) confines of ET. Max took it beyond ET. So yeah, while I would admit to us all being "sick" to some degree (just using Einstein's definition of insanity), Max has exceeded the boundaries. So I would always agree to the possibility that while I myself (and MANY of us here at ET) may be "sick", no one comes even close to Max in the world of ET to being truly deranged.

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  4. Have you seen the movie, "The Shining?"
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  5. I "had" my reasons with Don, accomplished my goal.

    Does the behavior with Don continue?

    The issue is continuance of the behavior.

    Are you really making a point or is it just addictive and sick behavior?

    I hate to say this, but when you talk about Max, it is still all about you.

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  6. RS just likes to explain himself, I think. Of course, I can't think of anyone else that would bother going into as much detail to do it, but that's RS for ya. And if you look at the dates, it's right when Max interjected into the Democraps thread bashing RS about another "here's a little bit more about me" post he'd made (as RS tends to do). You'd think RS would realize that starting a (another) thread on Max would 'backfire', so maybe it is just about the attention. Who knows. Who cares. It's probably no more or less 'sick' than the obsession you used to have Donny boy.
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  7. True;


    And true.
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  8. bobcathy1

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    I don't know what to say to you.
    This is so strange.
    It is like a run on story. But it does not ever seem to change.
    Seems you are creating your own hell.

    I kind of am losing interest in this website.
    Seems to be a hangout for a lot of whackos with computers.
    Some of it pretty sick.

    I have gotten all the information I could use from it.
    But who knows what nuggets await tomorrow.
    Have gotten a lot of friends too.
    Makes it worth a look now and again.
    (Who am I kidding? I check the jokes twice a day!)

    Can't keep dwelling on the bad stuff.
    Going to drive you crazy.
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  9. normal is a myth, and i certainly will not strive to fit the description of that dumb idea.
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  10. I admit to being foolish enough to be drawn into Max's web. And Max is very good at what he does. So "defending myself" would be a waste of time.

    I could try and explain myself, but that would just make me guilty of what has been said...I "make it about me". So I will pass on that too.

    What I will do is try and put just a little bit of my own perspective on this, and hopefully, some will understand. Some won't. That's the way it goes.

    Max, as I am sure anyone who has been following his exchanges with me is on a mission to discredit everything I say. Fine. If he thinks I am lying, or boasting, or whatever, and it's that important for him to say what he says, he is entitled.

    What I think he is NOT entitled to do is to put words in my mouth. It is very easy to say "so and so was lying when he claimed to have said (fill in the blanks)"....well what is the defense? Of course if someone is attributed with making statements they never made, they are in a lose only position. So this is one of Max's ploys with me. He will say I said something I never did, and then harp on that. Put this together with going through public records to investigate me and my family, and it gets beyond what is acceptable by any standards.

    Yeah, I started this thread. And yeah, it could be construed to be about me. But the FACTS are that I had not made a single mention of Max in a while. Then I saw that he was constantly alluding to me in a thread (probably others as well) in which my participation was zero. So I felt if Max was SO compelled to direct his venom at me, why not have it all in one place?

    Hopefully this will be enough. Hopefully this will resolve the issue. Clearly Max enjoys calling me a liar and worse. And clearly Max is obsessed with discrediting me (as well as many others here).

    I have asked Max to point out ANYTHING he has contributed in a positive light to ET. He avoids the issue as he had avoided my invitation to debate me on any subject....with him getting to pick the subject and with him getting to choose to argue pro or con.

    He has avoided it just as he avoided my sincere invitation to take him to dinner. (VERY glad of that now...but that's Max...reality doesn't work in his world).

    Max does not rise to challenges. He only makes them.

    So you can say this post is about me if you want. It is about me in that I will back up what I say. I will point out where I have attempted to be helpful to less experienced traders (I thought that this was the purpose of ET). Max has never even given the slightest hint that he is in any way involved in trading. He is a computer expert and a diet expert. There are plenty of message boards dealing with those issues. Why is Max here?

    Better question is why am I here? And the answer is that I LIKE the people here. I like the vast majority of them. I feel like I know a lot of the people, and liking them, and having access to them makes ET an enjoyable experience for me.

    Max doesn't appear to "like" anyone here. Max's purpose seems to be to try and annoy anyone he can. So in this sense, THIS ISN'T ABOUT ME AT ALL! This is about Max.

    I VERY RARELY present a challenge. But for a change I will. I challenge ANYONE (forget Max...he doesn't accept challenges) to give an example of how Max has served to make ET a better place. A friendlier place. A more worthwhile place. A place in which you could depend on Max to give helpful information directly related to trading (exclusive of his expertise in computers....expertise that I myself took and openly thanked him for).

    On the other hand, when I put a lot of effort into making posts about trading MAX was THE ONLY PERSON that said my "advice" was worthless and unoriginal. I NEVER said what I had to say was "original". I never claimed to have invented anything. All I could do was pass on the knowledge that was passed on to me. This was appreciated unanimously with the exception of Max. Why would this be?

    My only answer is this. Max has NO INTEREST in trading. Max has NO INTEREST in anything except creating an environment of negativity.

    So yeah, I started this thread to give Max a place to spew his venom. Why dilute all the other threads? Why not provide a place devoted to his negativity? I thought I was doing him (and all of us) a favor!

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