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    Enfermo??? ....yo estoy muy bien, gracias a Dios :D ... El hijo ya tiene 26 un pimpollo ( stud )... Cuando vuelves para los estados unidos????

    Big Stuuuuuuuuuu.... whats up mi negro???

    Max today is the "Calle Ocho" festival in Miami ( 8th street) we hold the record for the biggest conga line ( yeah baby ) ...look it up in the guiness if you need back up please watch out if thinking about coming down today...over 1.5 mill are expected to show ( 99.9999% Cubans )....peace
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  2. Like father like son, huh? Cool EC!!!

    Enjoy the festival.

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  3. Pabst


    Perhaps this post should be in Jokes (perhaps this thread should be in Jokes) but ART reminded me: An Arab and a Jew are on seated next to each other on a long flight from NewYork to L.A. Preferring comfort the Jewish gentleman removes his shoes while airborne. Mid flight, in socks, he needs to retire to the washroom for some brief relief. As the Jew is getting up the Arab asks" I cannot drink liqueur but a soft drink would sooth my thirst, when you return could you bring me a drink?"

    "Of course" replied the Jew. As soon as the Jew leaves his seat the Arab leans down and spits in each of the Jew's shoes. The Jew returns. A while later, the shoeless Jew once again excuses himself from his seat, once again the Arab spits in the Jews shoes. With his usual decorum the Jew returns holding a drink for the Arab. As the plane approaches LAX the Jew places his feet in his moist, gooey shoes. "Oh" the Jew moans, "When will it end. The suffering, the mistrust, the spitting in the shoes, the pissing in the drinks...."
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  4. :D :D

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  5. Probably be found there, as stated, unlike the PBC Courthouse.:D :D
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