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  1. In a gesture of good will, I am helping Max 401 by starting this thread.

    He needed a place in which he can hound me and anyone else with no constraints.

    This is that place. Here Max can call me a liar or criticize me in any way he wants without having to intrude on threads that are not about that. He does not have to impose his ill will and distasteful presence in inappropriate venues. Here, everything "Max" is acceptable. A place dedicated to his purposes. A place where his negativity will be central to everything if this works out as planned.

    Max's Place!

    Max can set the topics here. Max can do whatever he wants here.

    And of course, Max can also be ignored here.

    Go for it Max. Open season. Feel free to speak your mind here. This should work out perfectly for you. A truly ideal location for all your negativity. A place you can insult me or anyone. And do it without the risk of being resented for intrusion.

    Happy Hunting!!!

    RS....the lying, pathetic, sympathy seeking teller of tall tales (and far worse).
  2. You have a problem, and it has nothing to do with Max.

    You could have placed him on ignore both physically and mentally a long time ago.

    You remind me of a battered wife who keeps going back for more.

    Deal with your own issues.

  3. And you would know so much about this how?
  4. You are entitled to your opinion. But "ignore" doesn't do a thing when he is quoted by others.

    Take a look at the thread "Democraps Class warriors " or whatever it was called. Look what Max wrote. Look what I wrote. Take it in context.

    I know you have made this same observation before ART.

    Now slow down and really look at who said what. I tried to ignore Max. But you know what? Why the fuck should he be tolerated? Why should I let it slide when he just tries to hijack a thread?

    He did his usual "RS dance" in the Atkins diet thread. I did not respond at all. He's been doing it non stop for 2 years.

    I was out of the country for almost a month last fall. I did not make a single post while I was gone. you would think he would find something else to talk about in my absence. But isn't like he is just some troll who tries to get my far as he knew, I was away and not looking at what he wrote. And he was right about that. But when I got back, I saw that in my absence he was even MORE abusive towards me. Which means he isn't just a psycho, but a cowardly psycho as well.

    So you know what? I think I do all of ET a service when I point out that he is a manipulative little bitch.

    If you don't mind him making every attempt he can to disrupt undermine the flow of any conversation, debate, or argument I happen to be involved in, (or if not me, whoever else is on his little "hit list"), that's your business. Your opinion. But I believe that the little troll needs to be called on his shit on occasion.

    How many times did you bang heads with Don B.? And he NEVER made personal attacks on you.

    Max makes NO contributions here. No matter what you may think of Don B., at least he does talk about trading. At least he does TRY and make contributions to the forum.

    Show me a single instance of Max making ANY contribution. If he isn't calling me a liar, he' s calling someone else something unpleasant.

    Is he the only person here that intentionally tries to stir up dissension? Hardly. But he IS the only person here that does NOTHING ELSE.

    You want to play psychologist with me? Tell me I am like a battered wife that goes back for more? Fine, you are entitled to your opinion. But do yourself a favor. Keep your opinions based on up to date information.

    I admit to letting Max get under my skin. I admit to having handled him poorly in the past. But this latest little episode? No ART...I handled it just as I should have.

    Again, look at the "Democraps" thread. Then come back and tell me I was in any way wrong.

    I said he was a nasty little bitch. I stand by that. I thought and said he should not be permitted to ruin threads, and I stand by that.

    You of all people should appreciate the fact that a thread can have a flow to it. Why should this flabby piece of detritus be tolerated when his only purpose in life is to disrupt whatever flow is left on ET. (and it's less and less as the days go by).

    How many of the real traders still post to the message boards? Hardly any. Why? Because there are just too many negative assholes constantly trying to disrupt any and all threads.

    Most of these trolls show up, do their thing, and disappear. Max has been non-stop for years. If you think putting him ignore helps, then do it.

    In my case, ignore has no effect. And when you have your own personal stalker, then you will be better qualified to analyze me.

    Until then, take my word for it. If I can make Max feel small, as he must....because he IS small, then I will. I feel "duty bound" to try and get him to take stock in himself. He isn't stupid. He's probably one of the brightest people on ET. So despite his insanity, I have to hope that a bell will go off in his head at some point, and he will seek help. And that should go along nicely with him ceasing his constant attempts to poison this board.

  5. Good Lord! This thread has been up a full month?

    Another brilliantly lame attempt, rs7; at what, I'm not quite sure. You must be having another withdrawal from your "I need attention and very badly" affliction.

    As is plain to see by the number of responses, you're a loser.
  6. Nonetheless, you still were compelled to make your post.

    Nothing gets ignored. Everything gets filed away for future use in the secret Max files.

    One question....why bring this up now? Festering too long?

    Happy Hunting,
  7. ElCubano



    2004 and counting.....has it been 2 years already?? :D
  8. EC, my brother: There are no words to express the tenacity of the true sociopath. Two years is nothing, really.

    Like a pre-game warm up for a serious endeavor.

    The good news for you and for me, is in another two years, we will be long gone. Max uses guys like me (and you and Aphie, and many others to a lesser degree) to just hone his skills. We pitch him batting practice. Shag fly balls to him. Spar a few rounds. All to prepare him for his BIG move. (whatever it is).

    When he goes completely off the wall he will have it down to a science. fortunately, we should be off his radar screen by then.

    Maybe we will be called as character witnesses at his trial if he is ever taken alive. Could be interesting:)

    Peace, Amigo,
  9. RS7, LOL!

    First, you make the claim in multiple threads and posts that your wife is terrified of being “stalked." You even claimed that the two of you were so afraid that you attempted to get a restraining order from a PBC judge.

    Then, for the second or third time, you start a thread devoted to the person you allege your wife and you are afraid of, and make openly provocative and inflammatory statements.

    Dude, please… you’re either mentally sick or a liar (or probably both).
  10. I NEVER said I was afraid of you. I feel you are a figment of your own imagination, and incapable of being a threat to anyone who is of flesh and blood. You live in your cyber world, and that's that.

    My wife WAS afraid of you. She only was aware of you investigating us. If this is not obsessive behavior, then tell me what is.

    Do you deny that you have been stalking me? Do you deny that you took your obsession OFF OF THE ET BOARD and investigated my life and therefore my wife's life?

    Call me "sick". Call me a "liar". But I am not the one who spends countless hours every day doing searches of thousands of posts by hundreds of ET members looking for little inconsistencies to make into large issues.

    And as far as I know, Max, ONLY YOU have taken an issue and investigated it outside the confines of ET. Searched public records, Tax polls, whatever you did....but you did it....that is very clear.

    You asked me thousands of questions. I answered some and didn't answer others. I asked you perhaps 4 or 5 questions, and you never answered one of them. (innocuous questions, like where you lived, what your gender is, what you "trade", etc.).

    Not one person here believes you have any interest in trading. All you do is talk about your Atkins diet, and your knowledge of computers. Fair enough. But why here on ET? Are there not message boards about computers? About diets?

    It's all very clear that you thrive only on creating ill will and dissent. Even your response to this post served no purpose other than to re-kindle another dead issue. It is what you are about.

    How about doing a search on your own posts.....find a single post on any issue in which you gave encouragement, advice, kind words, empathy, sympathy, showed good will, offered help or in any other way contributed to a TRADING RELATED topic.

    You shine at calling people "liars". You shine if someone contradicts themselves. This is what you live for. Take a small issue and make it into a large issue. For no purpose at all.

    When I was out of the country, and you knew I was, your obsession with me was so strong that you continued to make abusive posts about me when I was not even around to respond. But you call ME "SICK"....Let me ask you one more question (that I have no expectation of you answering)....You have described me as "sick" and as a "liar". How would you describe YOURSELF???

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