maxing out your profits

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  1. at what level cash wise would it become difficultfor one to turn profits by themselves
  2. triggger


    I don't understand, elaborate

    I think I know but still elaborate you lazy ETer
  3. lol yeah, that post seemed kind of lazy. what i mean is how much money is too much money to try trading on a daily basis and why would there be issues reaching that level? would it be the difficulty in getting orders filled or anything else?
  4. triggger


    well of course you run into problems, orders become too big to execute without a hitch.

    but frankly, if you reach that level. You my friend don't have problems :cool:

    the amount we are talking is Millions of dollars on ES for example.

    maybe 500 000 on YM futures

    and a billion on FX, assuming you have a real broker
  5. morreo


    then you have enough money to start fading trades or holding on to losers for longer periods of time.