Maxine Waters spills the beans.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AlpineTrout, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. I bet Harry Reid knows what the problem is.
  2. She even refers to herself as "This Liberal"... WHAT A CUNT!!

    The Obama-lead Progressive, Libtard agenda is to TAKE OVER EVERYTHING IN AMERICA IF THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT...

    Sounds like a DICTATORSHIP, DOESN'T IT? Chavez-ville II.
  3. If we keep getting more in Congress like this fool, we're screwed. Even her associates are laughing at her.

    Maybe it's too late and we're already screwed. I never wanted to step into a voting booth so badly as I do right now. I can't wait until November.
  4. Poor Maxine, she's not the right color. She's one of those dark skinned negros and talks like one too. I guess the Dem party just keeps her around for laughs. Maybe she cleans and cooks for the white folks in congress. Hell, she might even sing and dance.
    Hey, don't you colored folks get mad at me. Harry and Bill brought it up, and even Rev. Al is signed on.
  5. Illum


    Govt run Oil, sounds like a great plan... It's almost about time to leave this dump. The wackos are in charge.
  6. reg


    Is this what Harry Reid meant by "Negro dialect"? LMAO!
  7. Maxine Waters represents the best and the brightest of the Democrat party. :D