Maximum stocks you will trade

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pbw, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. pbw


    How many stocks at most will you trade in your portfolio for:


    swing trading:

    Position trading:

  2. lescor


    Daytrading, usually less than 10, but on a really busy day, could be 20+ (that's at a time, not number of symbols in a day)

    For my portfolio management system, I currently have 85 positions on, holding from a day to a few weeks.

    But I don't have a maximum, I'll trade whatever signals I get.
  4. Grob,
    The universe idea is so money (although I use it another way).
    I finally figured out how to utilize it PROPERLY 3 days ago after having a long chat with an associate of mine about R/R.

    Insane results. Being a pretty skilled futures trader. Its like a Shark entering a fish pond. No whips nothing. The game is so cake.

    Cheers. Thanks for the ideas :)