Maximum number of S&P contracts ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gcapman, May 8, 2010.

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    Isn't the maximum number of S&P contracts 2,000 that can be inputted at once in Globex?

    This fat finger excuse is pure BS......
  2. Hello. McFly, like duh. Sorry man but it's to calm the masses. You do not want the herd to turn around on the way to the slaughterhouse and stampede in the opposite direction otherwise the meat isn't as tasty
  3. According to the contract specification, it's 2000 lots.

    How about this single order sweep @ Spain downgrade?

    11:27:47.932 286s1187.25
    11:27:47.932 1234s1187.00   sweep(0.25,1520)
    11:27:47.932 1246s1186.75   sweep(0.50,2766)
    11:27:47.932 1151s1186.50   sweep(0.75,3917)
    11:27:47.932 1368s1186.25   sweep(1.00,5285)
    11:27:47.932 1404s1186.00   sweep(1.25,6689)
    11:27:47.932 397s1185.75    sweep(1.50,7086)
    11:27:47.932 2341s1185.50   sweep(1.75,9427)
    11:27:47.932 1754s1185.25   sweep(2.00,11181)
    11:27:47.932 1592s1185.00   sweep(2.25,12773)
    11:27:47.932 485s1184.75    sweep(2.50,13258)
    11:27:47.932 265 x 1184.75 1186.00 x 157
    or this yesterday @ employment #s:
    08:30:00.187 1 x 1134.00 1134.75 x 221   
    08:30:00.282 221s1134.75
    08:30:00.282 2033s1135.00 sweep(0.25,2254)
    08:30:00.282 266s1135.25  sweep(0.50,2520)
    08:30:00.282 250s1135.50  sweep(0.75,2770)
    08:30:00.282 2 x 1134.50 1135.50 x 326   
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    I could not find a source but I remember reading once before that a retail trader is limited to 1000 contracts of the ES. Banks and institutions are allowed more but this would require some regulatory research. I'm pretty sure 1000 is correct.
  5. Unless they have changed it the position limit is 5,000 contracts on E-mini sp 500 futures.
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    huh? you guys are way off. Your allowed up to 20,000 BIG s&p's of all months combined.

    Directly from cme: "position limit: 20,000 net long or short in all contract months combined."
  7. I believe the question was about the maximum order size, not position size. BTW, there are exemptions to avoid 20K limit on position size.