Maximum ES contracts you would trade with $3,800 account

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  1. Maximum ES contracts you would daytrade with $3,800.00 account...using $300 daytrade margin...I would advise 2-3 contracts MAX per trade...perhaps 4 if sure of set-up...any thoughts, you agree?
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    0.3 - 0.4 lots max
  4. anyone else?..please, serious replies...
  5. 2 MAX.....1 if your smart, ONLY 1 if your new to trading this or even somewhat new......
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    Wouldn't even consider a contract until you had a $10,000 account.
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    It was no joke.
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    my point
  9. 0.3 contract
  10. $3,800 is a bit below the exchange minimum margin... and that's about 18:1 leverage. Mortal traders have been crushed with less. (FWIW... I've been trading longer than some of you were just a gleam in your papa's eye... and I've never been levered > 3:1 on all my capital. I know, I know... when it comes to leverage, I'm just a PUSSY, but that's another story entirely.)

    Trade 1-lots until you feel you have a handle on things, then increase your trade size if you want.
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