Maximam stoploss for ES E-Mini $500 day trade margin Account

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by bnmn, Oct 24, 2010.

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    There are lot of brokerages offering intraday margin accounts. What is the Maximam stoploss anyone can put for ES E-Mini $500 day trade margin account? Example if account balance is $500 and buying one contract at 1180. What is Maximam stoploss anyone can put on this trade? Is it possible to put stoploss at 1180..?
  2. You'll need at least a small amount over $500 in the account. One, for the cost of commissions, and two, to make up for the small swings against you.
    If your trade goes against you beyond the margin requirement, depending on the broker, they will either call or email requiring you to liquidate the trade, or they will do it themselves.
    Mechanically you can put the stop loss wherever you want. What matters is whether or not you have the cash in the account to cover it when/if the trade goes against you.

    For example, if you have $600 with $500 margins, you enter a trade in the ES and it goes against you two and a quarter points (-$112.50), then you will be in margin call.

    Most brokers require a minimum balance of a couple thousand or so, but not all. Good luck.
  3. Be careful.. read your agreements... you can be held personally liable beyond the balance of your account.