Maxim Group - Any info?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ScapGF, May 6, 2009.

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    Hi guys

    I have a phone interview with them for an internship position. Their website doesn't really go into much detail and doesn't have anything on them. Any info on them or personal experiences with them would be very much appreciated!


    The daughter of a friend of mine went to work for them after she graduated from college. She stayed there 3-4 years I believe.

    Depends in part on what area you'll be working in. IB? Research? Other?
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    The position is working for a Senior VP in the PWM division, however my main interest is in Sales and Trading.

    The way I look at it though is that getting a decent internship AT ALL in this climate is a good thing, so I am open to looking at this as a foot in the door opportunity. Right now I am finishing my first year in a good MBA program with a class of 100 students. Only 10 people have internships lined up for this summer.

    Crazy times indeed! Despite having 5 years of trading experience I have so far been able to snag even an UNPAID internship on any desk (sell side and buy side).

    Any thoughts on this or other opportunities are very helpful!
  4. is this the same maxim group who did the ffhl ipo? if so it's one of the shittest companies around. Look at all of their ipos, most ended up becoming penny stocks.

    I am not saying dont work for them, since it's just a intern job for you and in today's market take anything you can. But as a company, it's at the bottom of the barrel.

    If it's a different maxim group, then ignore.
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    Yes, they did do the ffhl IPO.

    Attached below is a picture showing how much IPO activity they saw in 2007. While it is not even close to Citi or the other mega underwriters, wouldn't it be fair to say that they aren't quite "bottom of the barrel" ?

    (bear in mind, I have no idea and am simply looking for insight)


    They're not a bad company. Given the current job market it would be a decent internship to pursue IMO. Those who suggest they're a shitty company probably have no real inside knowledge of them. I'll just leave it at that since my info comes from an ex-employee. Whether a company later becomes a penny stock has nothing to do with the underwriters. They're not Goldman or a biggie and never will be.
  7. If this is the Maxim Group w/ offices on Lexington Ave and one out in Woodbury Long Island, I worked there a long long time ago.

    This company was once known as Royce Inv Group. then a few other names.

    PM me if you want more info.
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    Yes, this is the firm. PM on its way...