Max Pain Failure on OE

Discussion in 'Trading' started by acepowerdrive, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. acepowerdrive

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    Max Pain failure today.

    Odd strange events in the marketplace.

    What does it indicate, divergence from normal activity. This market is not normal and acting very strange indicating rigging by the PPT. Unsual market activity. Market is up on light volume or no volume. Price do gap up or down on no volume.

    The head and shoulder failure in june. The right shoulder fail to break down instead gap up. Too many technical failures in the normal market activity.

    People who don't believe in the PPT don't believe in the after life and don't believe in God too.

    I wouldn't bet the farm in this market going long or short. They can screw you long or short either way if it's rigged. If the PPT can take it up the PPT can take it down just as easy.
  2. Bakinec


    Points are still points, no matter who they're produced by.

    News + market sentiment (trend/past price action) = pretty much all you need to successfully trade (in my case, ES) this market, aside from good m management.