Max Keiser Silver Fans - you win the internet

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  1. Who out there bought silver because Max wanted to crash JPM ?? It appears you people top ticked the market. Congrats!
  2. He has become more of an activist then a economics comentator really and I liked his work better years ago where he still worked for the networks rather then working for himself but nevertheless I still like him.

    He is ok and can be a bit extremist at times but why not. All the guru's combine economics with entertainment.
  3. "We are winning the information war – globally. Remember, it’s a GIABO and the U.S. is less than 5% of the global population. It’s power and influence should be in line with that number and when the war is over that’ll be the case for sure. As we continue to break through and win more battles in the info war – the ‘price propaganda’ used to suppress the price of silver and gold is also breaking up and falling apart. We won’t stop until silver gets to $500. By then, most of the wealth stolen by banks on Wall St and City will have been transferred back to its rightly owners. We are info-capitalists and we are fighting kleptocrats and psychopaths at the Fed. We are winning both the info war and the capitalist war. Victory will be ours when gold and silver are the basis for a true, free market society free of sectarian bullshit like we have now in the U.S. and U.K."

  4. Wow. That post on 1/21 pretty much ticked the low of the pullback...

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    yep, that's the OP's trademark.