Max clip size for E-mini's and Eurofx

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  1. What's the maximum clip size for the
    E-mini's and the Eurofx at this moment ?

    Are there any restrictions for Eurex
    products ?
  2. What I mean with clip size is the maximum number of
    contracts you can execute with 1 order.
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    I dont believe there is a limit for the forex futures. If someone can find a limit for the euro futures on CME's website post it.

    They have always put protocals on the mini stock indexes to keep the pit alive. I remember when they first came out. It was a 20 lot limit! You could do more than 20 but only 20 at a time! That sucked. That was when the Nasdaq mini was the KING.
  4. I sent an E-mail to the CME, I will post when I have an answer
    for the Euro FX
  5. LOL 1,500 contracts -- $75,000/pt -- what a rush.
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    In the Big spoo it was common place to get a market on thousand lots. That is the equivalent of 5000 eminis at a clip. 1500 minis is nothing for an institution. That is only 300 contracts and they are still complaining. It should be all you can eat.
  7. 9999 contracts for the EuroFX as max clip size (answer
    from the CME)
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    I am fooling with the EuroFX day and night and have yet to see a thousand lot?? Has anyone seen a thousand lot??
  9. I also watch EuroFX a lot (not all the time) and will on a few occasions trade it.

    I think I saw one once (1k lot) during the U.S. presidential elections but assumed it was a data vendor error.

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