Max Baucus on Obamacare

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  1. and how the democrats will prevent 45,000 uninsured from dying every year:

  2. Whether one believes that study,

    at least look at it and one may come away with the conclusion that there is an increase in mortality when the uninsured lacks the economic means to find adequate health care in an emergency and to participate in preventive health care.

  3. Ricter


    His reasoning begins from his politics, so he'll either:

    Dismiss the science (without making any observations himself), or
    Accept the science, but blame the poor for their poverty, and/or
    Redirect to why the rich must be allowed to get richer.
  4. You guys blame the rich for their wealth all the time. Why should I not follow your lead and blame the poor?
  5. Ricter


    Because you have morals?
  6. Yes, and they don't include blaming others for that which I don't have. Period.
  7. Dean: Of course ObamaCare is wealth redistribution!

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  8. Ricter


    Fair enough, the money is not the cause, only the enabler. I look forward to catching you using a social structure as a causative agent from here on.
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  10. Ricter


    BFD. This legislation enables distribution, other legislation enables accumulation.

    The top 1% of our population own 42.7% of the financial wealth, and the bottom 80% own just 7.0% of that wealth (2007 figures).
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