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  1. Thanks for the insightful lessons on the recent thread.


    Could you explain as best you can how to find the buyer or seller?

    If one isn't do you know when he shows up?

    Is the spread down always at the end of the buy or sellers order?

    Thank you for letting me know it's ok to trade for dollars....I hate the idea of scalping for pennies.....makes me edgy.....I am a patient person not a twitchy nut. LOL!

    I have been reading the time and sales like you recommended but I am not sure when a big buyer comes in. I can easily see a big short stepping down and refreshing, and I am just starting to notice the levels where he has big buyers and sellers, but I can't figure out how to guage which one. Especially if he limits to a certain spot and refreshes (looks like a range on a chart)

    Thank you.

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    I don't have time now to respond. I think over the weekend what I am going to do is start a Maverick Tape Reading thread. I will re-post all my old posts on one thread that concern tape reading and if you guys have questions or comments, you can post them there. I am getting flooded with PM's with guys asking questions and some of you are asking the same thing. It's much easier for me to respond once on a thread rather then to 10 different people on PM. So I will try to put this together over the weekend.
  3. Thanks Mav!
  4. Maybe somebody with esignal or something can post a TS w/ B/A excel spreadsheet of the first 1/2 or hour or so of a listed news stock and if mav was kind enough could maybe highlight where he see's buyers or sellers come in, clean up prints, and things of that nature. It would be very informative with a real world example. We could break it down into useful info..
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    You know, I was putting all my posts together on ET regarding tape reading and then I realized something. There is a lot of freaking material here. I can't believe I typed that much shit.

    Anyway, there is enough material there for a book! Hell, maybe too much even. Rather then post all this shit again, I think maybe I should assemble it all together and create a PDF book and SELL it!

    Since there is nothing out there on the market in print on tape reading, this could be a best seller!

    I'll have to think this over. :)
  6. Mav,

    what about Wyckoff & Humphrey's books do they not count...

    Looking forward to your ebook... just thought i would ask about their writings too...



    If You Have The Vision We Have The Code
  7. Let me know if you need a ghost writer LOL.... :D

  8. I'd be interested to hear Mavericks opinion on these books. I'm sure you have read or know of them?

    Has anything changed, any nuances? I felt like through reading of your posts I had a strong base to build on learning how to read tape if I was so inclined. They were very well detailed and then you went on to answer quite a few questions.

    I'm betting Mavs posts may contain the most educational value out of any publication that has officially written on this subject.

    Though I have no idea since I don't tape read nor have read any of these books.

    I'd bet on Mav
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