Maverick won't like this, and neither do I!

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  1. Wasn't this a predominately democrat maneuver to get additional votes?:confused:

    Bush seeking hispanic vote giving away SS benefits to illegal aliens
    Complete with an ONLINE registry to match up new arrivals with work.

    Bush also will seek to ensure that guest workers who pay into Social Security can collect benefits through their own country's retirement program after they return home and reach the requisite age, a congressional staff member familiar with the details said. Such reciprocal arrangements already exist between the United States and several other countries.
    Republican opponents of liberalizing immigration law on Monday called Bush's plan an amnesty and predicted that it would face tough going in Congress.

    "You might call it amnesty on the installment plan, you might call it amnesty after some sort of indentured servitude, but it's amnesty — and that is the worst type of public policy," said Rep. Thomas G. Tancredo (R-Colo.).

    "If it's truly an amnesty program, it's dead on arrival," said Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-Simi Valley). "Even those of us who strongly support George W. Bush don't agree with him on every issue. I wasn't elected to be a rubber stamp."

    Hey! we do have a jobless problem you know:( shhhheeesh:confused:
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    You are right Nolan, how about that. I don't like that. But it doesn't look like that's going to pass the house and senate. No way. unfortunately it looks like someone in the Bush campaign thinks Florida is going to be too close for comfort so hey why not give away free benefits.

    The democrats love this except for the fact that they don't want to lose the precious hispanic vote. The problem is I think the hispanic vote is very unpredictable and I'm not sure you can buy them that easily. I think that will backfire on Bush. I think he can win Florida without the hispanic vote. If he gives them amnesty, they will take the money and run and he won't get their votes either. I think it's an ugly situation.
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    Think again....although the majority will vote for him anyway...
  4. Actually, the Hispanic vote is becoming more important than ever before. All you have to do is look at the pandering by Davis in California, and the current pandering by Bush to understand how important that block vote can be.

  5. Hmmmm.... if it passes before the elections, will they be counted as additional workforce?:confused:
    Ya know...could scumdumya claim he added soooooooooo many new jobs :confused: :confused:
    what a shame, again Americans come last, anything to get the re-election:( :( solders get shafted. Betcel got an new contract for few billion, suckers errr taxpayers foot the bill:eek:
  6. The Bushes are unprincipled whores.

    If it were 1988, Boy George, would be using the immigration issue to scare voters into his camp.

    Maverick doesn't like it: "Them illegals is taking jobs from us native born white folk, and my daddy is living off of $500 a month and he's all American

    Remember, God, Guns and Guts made America. LYNCH THE @#&$^%#*@(@&$%^@&!@#$&$#(@)$ LIBERALS!!!!"
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    How is the weather in France today dgabriel? I would love to see what 10 million mexicans could do to France. That would be fun to watch. I've said this before and I will say it again. You have no understanding of reality. First of all, illegals are not taking any jobs away from us, or at least very few meaningful jobs. Most of them work on farms and under the table jobs. Not all, but most. For some odd reason, white and black people refuse to do these jobs.

    The immigration problem is not about jobs, its about the fact that we have to pay for these people somehow. They use up our resources, our hospitals, our police, our schools. Illegal mexicans are not working on Wall Street. So I have no idea what the f*ck you are eluding to here.

    Then you make some asinine statement about gods and guns. Do you even read your posts before you post them? Probably not. Oh and by the way, I never said my father was living off of $500 a month you pathetic jerk. He is still working for a living in the banking industry. He just chose to start taking his social security early at age 62. The assumptions you make about people on this board are killing your credibility man.

    I will say this though. The next time the Germans march into Paris, I hope to god the US sits on their hands. And I will be watching with pleasure the live blow by blow coverage on Fox news. It should be fun.
  8. Question: Whats the diffrence between a Mexican and a Jew?

    Answer: Nothing. :cool:
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    dgabriel, you must be a lot less intelligent then I give you credit for. That statement was in context to RETIREMENT income. Do you get it? Or should I speak slower to you. Your statement was that a 40k a year pension was a fag pension. I then responded that most people in this country do not make more then that in retirement and that was a lot of money. I then went on to say most people who retire on social security make far less. I then went on to say my mother lives off a $500 month social security check and my father not much more. My mother is retired, my father is not. He is collecting early social security.

    You really are an idiot. You take like pieces of people's statements and then try to write a whole book about the person. Do you really trade for a living? I have a hard time believing someone with your IQ could make a penny trading. You are just not that bright.
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