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    Thank you for your input. I appreciate the help.
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    The name alone scares the heck out of me. I suppose they are going to get "aggressive" with the markets?

    How about Solitude Trading, LLC. That's sounds like a nice mature name for a chop shop. Oh, but - I bet that name is taken already. I have not checked, but it probably is taken already. Or, how about Collaborative Trading, LLC. Oh, that one might be taken, too.

    I think all the good mature, calm, rational names are probably taken. Oh, wait a minute... How about:

    Camber Trading, LLC.?
    Leading Edge Dynamics Trading, LLC.?
    Positive Model Trading, LLC.?
    Stepwise Secure Trading, LLC.?
    Looking Glass Trading, LLC.?

    I'm on a roll. :)

    Hey, I think we can call "Top Gun" (Maverick) and let "Goose" know that a more appropriate (Grown Up) name exists!
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    Thank you for your input. I appreciate the help.
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    I had investigated them earlier. A very simple setup.

    They clear thru IBKR. This is not a Market Maker operation. So, I don't really see why you would want to pay desk fees if all they provide is capital. Options already provide you with a ton of leverage (sometimes too much) depending on the strikes you choose.

    I looked over some model trading plans from some of their traders. Very basic, which is actually good. I started out that way selling verticals against the trend until I realized my portfolio's profit profile was a giant IC...oops.

    Anyways, I don't think you can get high Sharpe ratios unless your cost structure is similar to institutions and you can run some fancy strategies OR you get lucky with market thats a perfect for your strategy at the time which tends to be fleeting.

    If this is your sole means of income, I don't think you will be putting food on the table until you get up to Master level trader.
  5. Any of you trade for Maverick at this time? Or has anyone applied?
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    This is an ad on today's ( 09/02/2014) SF Bay area Craigslist
    Forex Traders: Trade With Firm's Capital (downtown / civic / van ness)

    compensation: Performance-based commissions
    telecommuting okay

    Maverick FX Trading is actively seeking individuals to trade the Forex market on behalf of the firm. Forex trading is a great career as it offers flexible hours, a challenging profession and unlimited potential. Trade for a firm that backs you with technology, risk management and capital. We provide our traders with additional capital to trade with and split profits, with the trader taking the lion's share at 70%-80%. All of our traders start with a minimum of a 10K account and move up from there. Applicants should have strong math/finance/business backgrounds or comparable skills and some trading experience. We are only interested in people that like the idea of trading professionally within a trading firm that offers designated capital, promotes the sharing of ideas with other traders, and provides superior training and technology.

    We require all applicants to read through our FAQs and complete our online registration process that will detail our recruitment process, how payouts and contracts work and outline our risk-management parameters and trading methodologies. Following the online application, you will be contacted by one of our recruiters for a suitability interview and to answer additional questions and discuss placement within the firm. Forex traders can make well over 10K monthly. Click on the link below to begin the application process, which will direct you to the FAQs and introductory video.

    Will you be our next great trader? We hope so. We look forward to speaking with you.

  7. Thanks bro, I'll apply.
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    Proprietary forex? Sounds a little silly. I wouldn't trade 50:1 leverage with my mother in laws money.

    How much leverage would this trader have? Why not prop futures?
  9. Forex is really liquid. the 50:1 leverage is so due to the current government regime. Once they are out of office, perhaps the leverage will go back to where it was pre-Obama which was 200:1. When I was a rookie the leverage really bothered me, today I practice good risk management and the leverage does not bother me much at all since I reduce the amount of pairs I trade. Though I don't think I can handle another reduction in leverage.
  10. When did maverick start trading options?
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