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    Has anyone worked for them and can you tell me your experience?
  2. I have been with Maverick Trading since almost the beginning of my trading career in 1998. They are run by some great guys with a good sense of humor. It is funny that is the first thing that comes to mind but it does help to break up the monotony of trading. They are the most honest bunch in the prop trading world that I have found. Their Sunday night trading room is absolutely worth it where we all get together and plan our trading strategies for the upcoming week.

    I always tell people when they are checking out a firm to join, make sure they preach RISK MANAGEMENT, CAPITAL ALLOCATION, and HIGH PROBABILITY TRADING first. Without these, you will give your money back to the market every time. I have also heard good things about Bright Trading in Las Vegas as well. Don Bright is a frequent contributor to this forum and has a wealth of knowledge.

    Whatever firm you join, make sure they have a good trading program if you have never traded professionally before. Most firms business plans are to push you into high frequency trading with very little education and experience just to generate commissions. I wouldn't go with any firm that has a monthly volume requirement unless you are an experienced trader.

    Good luck in your search