Maverick Trading, Any Experiences?

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  1. It seems they require a risk deposit of $5k and provide free training.

    What has been your experience with Maverick Trading? Do you think the training has been helpful?

  2. Free training. What is that? Inquisitive minds want to know.

    I saw a prospective candidate with a huge grin b/c he was told that he was going to get free training.

    I talked to the trainer for awhile and then I felt bad for the guy with a huge grin b/c I had figured he was going to get his doors blown off after he was trained.

    This wasn't at Maverick Trading.
  3. Whoops about the free training part.
  4. Jerry B

    Jerry B

    Be sure to find out who is behind the firm, who's running it. I've asked a few times with no reply from them. You have to be sure Charlie Vaccaro is not involved w/ Maverick in any way, shape or form.
  5. Quarry


    Maverick is one of the better shops out there and they are fairly exclusive as I think they only bring in a couple people a month. They are a stock/index option based trading firm so not the best placed if you are an equity HFT.
  6. Any other news on this firm? Particularly MaverickFX? They seem to be similar to topsteptrader for futures, which means they are a glorified chat room.

    Yet they take customer deposits of $5k under the old equity shop prop model and then make you a class b member and issue a K1. But they're not regulated by NFA.

    Still trying to figure this firm out. Who's behind these guys? Gotta be some old school equity guys. PM me if necessary. Thx.
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    if you call them you will get the facts. that is how i know the scoop

    they do Not offer your typical prop model

    I don't think they markup commissions . pass thru cost by retail broker ib
    They do a profit split through the retail account . cpm account most likely

    They are heavy into options more then trading stocks

    they sell a course on option trading. most of their traders do options primarily
  8. if you have your own cash why would you want to be prop if you profitable to back yourself wouldnt you want to be out on your own? what am I missing? ive been trading successfully for years now but feel no need to go prop
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    maverick trading is NOT a prop firm .. they run a different model

    they have a different structure that allows retail pm leverage to their traders
  10. Is this the same Herbert Kurlan who got thrown out of the industry basically and got VTrader a ginormous fine from CBOE?

    From the bottom of their site (you'll find his name as the Financial Complaince person)

    Their website and 6 'levels' make this look extremely cheesy. No real prop firm would do this.
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