maverick equities group

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  1. Anyone ever heard of, or have the skinny on maverick equities group?Thanks
  2. Yes, I don't believe it's a mystery. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought he has posted he is a manager of the Chicago office of VTrader Group. I looked at their site recently as I'm thinking of going back into equities and found the site to be very professional, with an ample amount of info on the firm. I was actually thinking of giving them a call to see what requirements they have for equity traders and if they offer training that is mentioned on the website.
  3. Maverick ( ET handle) does run an office in Chicago under VTraderPro....but their is also a Maverick Trading Group also in Chicago that is independant and from what one trader I know has told me there is some talent in that office.

    I know ET Handle Maverick well also and he is also a very good trader with experience in multiple products and seen alot the last 10 years and this is not his first Rodeo.

    VT is good for those traders with bigger accounts and trade many asset classes but not catering to the $10K accounts with low clearing costs....You get waht you pay for is the best example I can say. A JBO is not cheap nor easy to it and hate it and would rather trade 1 lot of futures and enjoy my days.

    Trade well.