Matthew Simmons: Oil will be $600

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  1. Interesting video and thanks for posting it,

    I have no idea who the author of the book is so its hard to know if he has an agenda with his book and or oil????
  2. Oil at 200 maybe but 600 is out of the question. At that point a simple switch to diesel would be the alternative. Don't believe the hype.
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    Exactly where do you think diesel comes from? Too funny.:eek:
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    At $600 we will be switching to walking, maybe bicycling, electric bicycles are way into the cool zone btw, great ones cost $2 grand, but they would be selling if oil was that high...
  5. oil at 600? LMAO


  6. There is a company that makes diesel out of ALgae. When Oil was 140 they got alot of attention so at 600 they would be king of the road. Either way at 600 we would all telecommute and ride horses. By the time you got to work your ass would really be hurting. Not to mention the parking lot would probably reak of Horse SHIT....
  7. Yes, but think of the jobs created in the manure business.
  8. LOL... and then maybe they can process the Manure to make who knows what. Im excited for the future and laughing at the pessimists.

    Thanks Ivanovich you really get the point and thats to have a bit of fun with it....
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    $600 oil, haha, I thought $100 oil was funny, but $600 is just too damn funny.
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