Matt Taibi again

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  1. And I thought they were just super good traders. Best of breed. Hoe disappointing.
  2. Matt Taibi rocks... glad to see Rolling Stone agrees.
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    Awesome article !

    Who has the balls to do something about this con game they have run on everyone or is there not enough evidence ?

    I would love to see CNN , Faux News, CNBC, et al run a piece like this daring someone in the gov to do something. Perhaps pigs will fly sooner than that.

    I do wonder though, do the powers that be at all the major media outlets just not find such stories credible enough or does someone at these places squash such stories before they ever air ?

    I wish I knew someone who worked at one of these media companies to get an answer !
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    Good article, surprise no one else is noticing this pattern here.
  5. Ask him if he's a deepcapture fan......:)
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    "They raped the taxpayer, and they raped their clients."

    "They raped the taxpayer, and they raped their clients".

    "They raped the taxpayer, and they raped their clients".

    "They raped the taxpayer, and they raped their clients".

    If this article doesnt generate outrage maybe the poor guy who ran his plane into a building will generate some outrage at these assholes!
  7. When you read an article like this within the same day as that plane incident and just think about what's going on in this country it just makes you want to puke.

    There's gotta be a better way than a suicide mission to get some change and attention to what's happening to our country. These politicians clearly are all in on it to one degree or another, i just don't get why the mass media doesn't cover something like this. It's really aggravating.

    I'm sure if GS was a depositor bank, people would just pull their accounts out purely out of disgust. Maybe in due time we'll see hedge funds and whole countries stop transacting with goldman and by default they'll be out of business since we clearly can't count on geithner and summers to do it. I think obama is probably clueless about a lot of this but is nevertheless at fault for keeping scum like geithner and summers to run our financial system. All these guys have to go.

    The plane guy's beef seemed to be mostly with the IRS, but he also touched on many of these general current financial events that pissed him off. All this looks related to me. the recent JPM-athens bombing is another recent example. These aren't just one-off events, the sheeple appear to be waking up.
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    Is 435,000 really the average bonus for goldman employees? OMG they still frickin owe money to the government of which if we demanded payment today they would be out of business! I might be off but 10 -20 million is still owed to the fed! After the ,late anoucement of the rate hike last night they should be able to pay it all back today after the opening!
  9. taibi is a tool - when he comes into something he doesn't understand he makes up logical fallacies to facilitate his argument.
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