Matt Taibbi: Mitt Romney Would Have Won If Republicans 'Were Self-Aware At All'

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  1. this so true. look at the righties on et for example:

    Mitt Romney could have easily won the presidential election if he and his party had realized that they were turning people off, according to Matt Taibbi.

    "If they were self-aware at all, Mitt Romney would probably be president right now," Taibbi wrote in a blog post for Rolling Stone late Thursday.

    He argued that Republicans' message about financial responsibility could resonate with a lot of people, but unfortunately it is a cover for their belief that women and minorities are "parasites."

    Modern Republicans "have so much of their own collective identity wrapped up in the belief that they're surrounded by free-loading, job-averse parasites who not only want to smoke weed and have recreational abortions all day long, but want hardworking white Christians like them to pay the tab," Taibbi wrote. "Their whole belief inherently insulting to everyone outside the tent – and you can't win votes when you're calling people lazy, stoned moochers."

  2. I said before fiscal conservatism is the trojan horse that social conservatives hide in. The people have seen that movie and burned the horse. What the fiscals need to do is get as far from the confederacy as they can, and return to the party that Reagan built.
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    You have no idea what you're talking about. Stick to your nursing.
  4. We won, and I told you with such conviction that I put real money and a voluntary ban in place if I was wrong. Who is sitting now talking about the end of America?
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    Yes you did, but that doesn't mean you know what you're talking about. It simply means the AA parasites now out number the responsible tax payers. Nothing more.
  6. The Republicans now have the Southern white base the Dems had before LBJ, who knew he was going to cost the Dem party for a generation when he pushed for civil and voting rights for blacks. That is their outlook. White Christian academies in the South came into being as a way of avoiding integration. No one seems to remember this anymore.
    The folks who went to those schools are now the base of the Republican party. They've been in that culture their whole lives.
    The North still has some of the old-school ones, but they have gradually moved over to the Dems as the South has taken over the Reps: New England, which used to be the base of the Republican party, now has no Republican Congressmen. Think about that.
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    what a load of shit

    I'm a fiscal righty and I am very aware of the world around me, I know that fiscal conservatism does not sell among minorities, period. Romney got the same percenatge white vote as Reagan did in 1980.

    Women are not minorities, how long are you retards going to keep saying something so demonstrably false? Abortion is the main issue that can sink a republican, and those two senate candidates lost, but economic issues are always front and center. If they drop abortion they pick up 2 or more senate seats, maybe tip a presidential election or two. Certainly worthy to consider.

    Minorities are in fact parasites. Illegal hispanics cost more in services than they provide in taxes. Blacks have not performed in the 100 years, no reason they will start now. Blacks think government is the way to obtain economic advancement, to them social issues are also economic issues. There is no way black people are EVER going to vote for fiscal conservatism.

    The only bit of self awareness one needs to understand this is
  8. AA parasites? You are saying this all over the place.

    Do you mean African-Americans? Affirmative Action? What is it you are trying to say? Do you even know?
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    Affirmative Action of course. Although that predominantly means Africans living in America.
  10. Okay, now very carefully, think this through, are you saying that 50% of the nation is a beneficiary of AA?

    Got Math?
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