Matt Taibbi hits the nail on the head

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gabfly1, Nov 9, 2010.

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    Yep, direct hit. Legitimacy, conflation, misdirection, enervation, appropriation: a short history of the tea party movement. It's not the first time this has happened to an American populist movement, but I think the internet is making it harder to disguise this time.
  2. So he got the perfunctory Palin slam done in the first 10 seconds of the interview, then goes on to blame the Tea Party for the bank hustlers. Gee, wonder who his audience is? For all his ranting, some of which I agree with, he makes no mention of the likes of Dodd and Frank, both of whom played major roles in facilitating the criminal activity perpetrated by the banks during the housing bubble. I guess he just forgot about that, as it seems so many on the left tend to do. Ommitting the Franks and Dodds of the world, while slamming republicans is disingenuous at best. The whole fucking system is corrupt.

  3. wow,

    that is a profound conclusion,

    I just was compelled to echo it...
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    I agree, I'm tired of the Palin slamming. But, he's not blaming the TP for the "grifting".
  5. And he's damn sure not telling the whole story, least not from the tone of the interview. Until ALL the players in this scam are revealed, it's just more political manuvering by one party or the other. Both parties are in it up to their eyeballs, and I have little respect for anyone that does not acknowledge that fact, and does it in no uncertain terms.
  6. Exactly, they keep wanting to smear the tea party and blame right wing figures for problems while steering clear of left wing targets. They saw how the tea party demonization campaign didn't work, they saw how the ridicule didn't work, now they are shitting their drawers and trying their damnedest to talk us out of our positions. But guess what scum bags, we're just getting warmed up... You slime balls had your chance to make this right with Obama and your dem senate and house, what did we get? More fuck ups, bullshit, and corruption... This can only be interpreted as begging for another chance... But they aren't getting one...