Matt Morsa: A Ken Roberts Associate.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by getmoney, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. getmoney


    i typed in "matt morsa" on this site and got zero results.

    now matt morsa is a disciple of the teachings of ted warren.

    he is a technical investor (chartist).

    matt either does or use to run the stocks & mutual funds division of the ken roberts company. a newsletter called "the investolator" was/is his forum.

    i'm thinking that since this is a day & short-term trading site and matt is a mid to long-term trader, he would never have been a topic on this site.

    anybody? anything?

  2. jem


    Ken Roberts is known as a joke. So I would say watch out for his disciple. Ask the disciple for a track record say a P&L from a trading account. Very few vendors will show you how they do trading. You want to know why, because if they were trading well they probably would not be vending their life blood away.