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  1. Does anyone know anything about this guy?

    I really just question anyone that is selling stuff and this guy is really starting to ramp up his sales:

    "We are planning May 10th-14th at the brand new Eco Friendly, Bend,Oregon, Oxford Hotel. We will limit the innagural event to the first 20 people who sign up. You get one week of live trading with Matt Davio on Futures/Stocks/Options/ Commodities. In addition to the week of trading and learning live, you will get 1 year access to our continuing education and private twitter feed and Ustream Live Audio and Video, normally a $400 a month value for the next twelve months. Please call us with questions and more details about the program coming up in 3 short months.

    We will take care of all accomodations at the Bend, Oxford Hotel, this included, per person for 5 nights, 4 planned breakfast, 3 lunches and 4 dinners. I did a lunch and dinner on own with a opening dinner on Sunday for all to get to know each other. I did not include any liquor but all taxes, gratuity and shuttle are included . I will also pick up one afternoon of golf, whitewater rafting, moutnaing biking, or fly fishing excursion to be announced later for all attendees. The only thing you will have to square away is Flight or transportation into Redmond/Bend Airport. (RDM)

    Please call for more Details 888-201-4201 and Eric will provide details.

    My seminar will unlock the secrets of Trading Successfully in this current volatile market. I will explain what works, and what does not. I will show you how to maximize your profits and minimize your losses while avoiding the most common mistakes made by traders. I will be reviewing in detail many of my most popular tools and indicators for trading. You will be able to see these tools in action on real-time charts. Additionally, I will be available to answer any specific questions you may have about trading the markets or using any of my technical analysis tools. I will be teaching the following, plus a great deal more:

    * How to Forecast future tops and bottoms.

    * How to pin-point where the smart money is buying and selling.

    * How to increase your profitability.

    * How to find low-risk entries and exits.

    * How to trade profitably with Cycle & Swing Patterns.

    * How to find trading patterns that establish the direction of the trend.

    * When and how to exit a trade based on market action.

    * How to buy and sell in harmony with the trend.

    * How to use patterns that help recognize trend reversals.

    * How to use basic & advance methods for trading all markets.

    * Determine support and resistance levels for any market.

    * How to utilize my indicators to make money each day in FOREX, Futures, Options, and Stock markets.

    I anticipate a few outside speakers for two afternoons to join us for the week, to discuss other styles of trading. This will be fun and action packed. We will also provide all attendees with a DVD of the weeks Education to take home with you to review and continue to learn from.

    Please call quickly as only 20 spots are available for the innagural week of May 10-14th. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    CALL 888-201-4201."
  2. This fantasy educator has not got the guts to give his name or website..


  3. miss trade as in I miss(d) the trade, or in miss trade (female) ?

    Gender issues??

  4. He has a website:

    He often interviews these other traders that also "teach" people to trade.
  5. DGunz


    I will not make any accusations but rather give facts of things I know to be true. A few years ago there was a blog from DinosaurTrader that started a virtual office in which internet blogger/traders would submit daily PNL. When Misstrade joined he routinely cleaned up almost everyday beating everyone in the virtual office putting up 5k+ daily, trading equities. He would often state x number of shares traded too. He rarely if ever posted any losses. Honor system :D

    I remember reading and enjoying following the VO, ofcourse skeptically, but none the less, an interesting read. Some months or a year later Misstrade has since retired from the VO, and promotes his education and more importantly live trades...

    For an introductory offer of $39 for the first two weeks, I could find out for sure whether Misstrade is indeed a super trader,,,the curiosity is just to great! $39 was a steal considering the comments on Dinosaurtraders blog would frequently call out Misstrade as a fraud. Please note that I will not draw any conclusions, as this is simply presenting the facts as I know to be true for the OP.

    I sign up for the live video stream of his live trades. He is a discretionary trader too! -- So you know this is going to be exciting - finding equities to trade!....WAIT,,, not so fast, I find out that there is no equity trading actually...he has switched to soley trading /ES. Strange...profitably trading equities for 5k+ profits daily and then you just stop? Not scale down but just stop? Ok fine, benefit of the doubt, perhaps discretionary /ES trading is so profitable that results like the ones he posted on the blog is expendable.

    For the next two weeks, he would call out live trades via twitter and live stream. Some days he would scratch some days he would capture 5-10 points, some days he would give up 5-10 points.

    A favorite strategy of his is cost averaging modified monte carlo, e,g. buy 1 lot at 11,000, buy 2 lot at 10,995, and buy 3 lot at 10,990, and a stop at 10,985.

    To his credit I believe by the time my subscription was done, he may have been up 20-30 or so points for two weeks. I dont know his size...but if you ask me it seems awfully wasteful for him to give up regular consistent gains trading equities, especially when there are times when all he is doing is waiting for set ups in /ES to trade,,, in his downtime he could have shown his subscribers equity trades like he used to... very strange.
  6. DGunz


    I am not making any accusation just stating what I know to be facts. A few years ago there was a blog run by DinosaurTrader, and on this blog he ran a Virtual Office in which blogger/traders would submit their daily PNL (Honor System). Misstrade join the VO and soon began putting up 5k+ daily on x number of shares traded. He was easily top dog in the VO everyday, rarely did he have down days. His daily win/loss ratio was outstanding and drew negative reader comments questioning his performance on the blog.

    I enjoyed reading the blog for fun, while keeping a healthy does of skepticism. Then a year later Misstrade retires from the VO and soon starts marketing his education. Really...?

    For a mere $39, I could find out whether Misstrade is indeed a super trader, curiosity was unbearable!

    So now I am signed up for his Live stream and twitter feed with him calling out live trades. I was ready to see his equity trades...only one problem, he now primarily trades /ES and just stoped trading equities cold turkey. Not scale down, just stopped. Hmmm...ok sure, perhaps his /ES trading is so profitable that his past performance is nothing!...benefit of the doubt guys.

    For the next two weeks he would scratch somedays, capture 5 or 10 points on somedays and somedays he would give up 5 or 10 points. For his credit I believe he was up by the time my trial sub was up, by maybe 20-30 points.

    His favorite trade is a cost averaging modified monte carlo e,g. buy 1 lot at 10,500, buy 2 lot at 10,495, buy 3 lot 10,490 and a stop at 10,485.

    I dont know his size but I find it weird that he would give up such consistent gains with equity trading that he wouldnt even do a little of it on most days when he is just sitting there waiting for discretionary trading set ups to happen on /ES. He could of used that down time to make a few grand on equities no??? Strange,,,very strange...

    Please keep in mind that I not making any sinister conclusions, for those, you can come to yourselves. I just find it highly interesting for someone to change thier consistently winning edge in equities for trading discretionary /ES. Some days he did no trading at all, why not make 5k+ on equities like he used to? strange,,,so very strange.

    :D :D
  7. Do you still need to think how great a trader this is trying to tell you all the "secrets"?

    Awesome shit - forecasting tops and bottoms as well as teaching how to trade with trend all in one seminar.


  8. This sounds a lot like those timeshare deals.
  9. I met MissTrade through

    I'm now out 15k and feel I was essentially conned.

    I wrote in detail about my experience. I'll be updating it with the communication between MissTrade and myself when my PayPal claims are closed. PayPal has sided with me for at least 2.5k worth of the funds he extracted from me.

    I noticed this thread is on the first page when MissTrade is googled so I felt compelled to share my story so others don't make the same mistakes.
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