Matrox's TripleHead2Go

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by winter, May 4, 2006.

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  2. Winter:

    Are you selling it? I already have a dual monitor video card. If i buy the triplehead2go, will i be able to get 4 monitors with 3 hook up to the matrox and 1 with the original DVI?
  3. No, I happen to run across the review at TomHardware and thought if may be of general interest here. I have no idea if your proposed config will work but it sounds plausible (assuming your existing video card can handle the resolution requirements that the TripleHead2Go has)... Since this thing isnt cheap I would think that just buying a second dual-monitor video card would be the better way to go though.
  4. gnome


    I think you're right. TH2G is really a laptop application. If one wants 4 monitors in a desktop, a 2nd video card could be $150 less.