Matrox video cards

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by K.C., Oct 17, 2005.

  1. K.C.


    I installed Matrox G450 and G550 video cards on my computer using 2 different drivers from Matrox site. All 4 monitors are working but when I stretch my charting program across all 4 monitors it is all the way up on the first monitor and between about ¼ to ½ “ lower on the other 3 monitors (It is different on every monitor). I presume it’s a problem with drivers but I am not sure what to do about it. Any suggestion?
  2. gnome


    Go into Windows Display, select each of the monitor icons and use them to line up* the screen displays as closely as possible. Then use the monitors' size adjustments for the final alignment.

    *Select the monitor icon in Display, then use up-arrow and down-arrow to adjust. You can also hold either the shift or control key (can't remember which) down while using up/down arrow to get a "half-click" adjustment.
  3. K.C.


    Thanks gnome,

    it's perfect now.