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  1. Anyone have any experience w/ Matrox multi monitor video cards? I want to run 4(or maybe more) monitors. I currently run 2. It seems that one card has less conflicts that just adding an additional card. Any thoughts?
  2. I run them and I love them. You can get a G450 dual VGA for $20 on ebay. I run 2x G450 Quads in my workstations (6 monitors) and have never had an issue. XPx64 likes similar chipset and I run them in Dell boxes.

    Don't believe the hype, you can get a nice cheap card and run 2 of them for a nice 4 monitor setup.

    FYI - DVI is much better on your eyes. If you have the funds I'd highly reccomend running DVI to your monitors. You'll thank yourself in 5 years when you don't need glasses.
  3. While the G450 Millennium cards are OK for trading, they are comparatively very slow. (I formerly used these cards, but they wouldn't run my screen saver... NVS 290 does run the screen saver and is OK for all computing/movies except high performance gaming.)

    Passmark scores....

    G450 = 25
    NVS 290 = 136
    NVS 450 = 217
    GTX 480 = 3617
  4. I have them in the office and at home. I have used them for years. I've never seen them for $20... (nice price)

    I have bought them from Ebay before - make sure they include the dongles.

    Very easy to install and find drivers for. I haven't had a compatibility issues yet.
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    I have run Matrox single cards and MMS dual and quad cards in trading PCs for years and I think they work well and Matrox has great driver support. I have run 3 Matrox quad cards in one PC with 12 monitors for years with no problems.
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    Driver support is not that great.
    I have old matrox g100MMS and there is no windows 7 drivers for it.
  7. Do you mean the 2D - All Test - 'PassMark Rating' only?
  8. Why LCD on DVI should be better vs. LCD via VGA ports on our eyes?
  9. This is interesting.

    On what OS are you running 12 monitors and what is the resolution set to on those monitors?
  10. I don't know. Only reference I see is "Performance Test V7".
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